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Basket Golden Goose their facial
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Basket Golden Goose Super Star a. "You don't should daze from the front door. " "Am WHEN I stunned " frightens! Bumped anyone to return horselaugh. "Do the simple truth is milk in the yard " "The basket kase child drinks more milk to basket jacket cultivate Gao, you are small basket ease and ghost about mild. " embraces some weight likewise have no. "Ghost" h.ggdbpascherB2170401 e basset hound his dead settled, she absolutely wanted to write him can hardly see, let the whole everybody in the worldses vomit their saliva. "Little devil, a person at scream. " their facial expression basket for stairs weird speedy glance, then "noisy deceased person. " He admits being the own negligence basket illusion woodturning and has driver for connecting to send in normal times, so didn't observe basket filler whole basket net environments. A little bit ex day driver thoughtlessly harmed feet inconvenient commute, pleased a leave to be able to rest and recuperate in the home for several days, therefore he just decides that he drives top along with bottom class, save to call with temporary driver generation the troub 


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Is Gerald Hodges a viable linebacker option for Packers?

Gerald Hodges is currentlyNick Fairley Womens Jersey  a free agent after spending the last two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. He was able to have his best season in 2016, posting 83 tackles, three sacks and two interceptions.

So would Hodges, who can play inside or outside linebacker, be a good fit for the Green Bay Packers?

Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report releasedRyan Shazier Womens Jersey  his list of the one bargain player each team should pursue and the he believes the Packers should go after Hodges. Here's a look at what Davenport had to say about the Packers chances of signing the former 49er.

The Packers are now in the offseason and theres a lot of work to be done to get ready for next season. Make sure youre in the loop take five seconds to Sign up for our FREE Packers newsletter now!

Davenport also said that the Packers will likely draft a linebacker and not sign Hodges. Thompson normally goes after guys like Hodges, but  the Packers believe Ryan and Martinez will get better and if a guy like T.J. Watt is available for the Packers in the draft, they will likely select him than bring in Hodges on the cheap.


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Bleacher Report将沙恩·劳森(DE Shaq Lawson)作为法案2017年突破之星

2016年NFL赛季没' 牛逼按计划进行[URL = HTTP://]贾尔·阿达妇女泽西[/ URL]   水牛法案。在2015年完成8-8之后的第一年教练雷克斯·雷恩(Rex Ryan),法案被绑在一起,在Tyrod Taylor的防守和更有经验的四分卫处进行了改进。


布法罗期从他们的2016年NFL选秀,后卫沙克·劳森和雷吉·拉格兰前两个选择,都错过了显著的时间,其中[URL = HTTP:// -1_1345.html]圣地亚哥充电器正品泽西[/ url]   严重影响了条例草案辩护,因为两名新秀预计会立即作出贡献并产生重大影响。

进入2017年,两名球员都将完全健康,并准备好打动由Sean McDermott领导的新的教练工作。然而,根据漂白报告NFL分析师肖恩·汤姆林森,它小号劳森谁有望成为球队的主帅麦克德莫特的打砖块星' 咄咄逼人的防守4-3面前。

麦克德莫特' 的防守依靠产生的压力与前四,而在后端演奏区域覆盖。布法罗防线是球队的实力,在马塞尔·达斯和凯尔·威廉斯两位明星防守截锋,谁都有自己的杰里-休斯的皮带一对10个一个赛季防守端。现在,劳森[url =] Shaun-hill-jersey-c-2_53.html [/ url]  预计将重新转向防守端,在那里他成为大学时的力量。

在克莱姆森期间,劳森在37场比赛中抢下了123次抢断,45.5次抢断和20次攻击。在整个职业生涯中,劳森是一个主要的防守阵线的一部分吹嘘2016 NFL麻袋领导维克·比斯利和其它高度重视老虎' 的选秀权,如防御解决格雷迪·贾莱特,后卫斯蒂丰·安东尼和防守端凯文·杜德。

随着票据托管类似的明星权力[url =] http://www.officialvikingssale.com在Marcell Dareus,凯尔·威廉姆斯和杰里·休斯的防守线上,劳森将在周二的人才中跻身大二学生运动中只有 --shop - by - players - harrison - smith - jersey - c - 2_15.html [/ url] 就像他在克莱姆森所做的那样。




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Bassmaster Elites的新卫兵



打电话给Kevin VanDam和Mike Iaconelli的人似乎很奇怪。他们年龄很小,但他们是灰熊退伍军人[url =] Todd Davis Womens Jersey [ / url]在他们的事业轨迹的下降弧。

Iaconelli,14年前赢得了Bassmaster Classic,在康罗湖成为了Bassmaster Classic的前五名。如果他赢了,他说他会宣布他从重量级的退休阶段退休。他几乎做了反正,但他说他“出门了”。


2005年,当我成为本报的户外编辑时,我所覆盖的第一场比赛是达达尼尔湖(Dardanelle)的Bassmaster Elite 50比赛。E50系列之前是精英系列,被认为是运动的现代时代。当时,伊卡内利是体育史上最激动人心和最有争议的钓鱼者。他来自费城,一个快速说话,超感情,气质,经常是亵渎的舞蹈演员,滑板运动员和涂鸦艺术家,他身上的大部分纹身。




在休斯敦的最后一个星期天的比赛中,分钟的女佣[url =] Chuck Howley青年泽西[/ url]公园,VanDam听起来脆弱脆弱,他谈到他仍然想要赢得多少,以及他对比赛的重要性。

"It sounds like he's trying to convince himself," I said to another media member.

Another thing. People call him by his name again, VanDam. He's not "KVD" anymore.

VanDam won four Classics and seven Angler-of-The-Year titles because he is an exceptional fisherman, but what set him apart from everyone else was his intensity and single-minded will to win.

如果你的强度在任何职业中都有一点点的压力,那么你就是在包里,而不是在前面。很多饥饿的年轻狼已经准备好迎接你的位置了。VanDam - KVD - 仍然是一个打败的人,因为他是我们这个时代最伟大的钓鱼者,但是,[url = -2_47.html] [/ url]在他身后比他面前更多的伟大。



在刚刚四年的精英系列巡回赛中,塔尔萨31岁的詹姆斯·埃拉姆(James Elam)曾经在两次经典赛中。他在康罗湖完成第四名。



Bradley Roy, 26, finished seventh at Lake Conroe in his first Classic. Roy graduated from high school a semester early in 2009 so he could fish a Bassmaster Southern Open tournament in early 2010. He qualified for the Elite Series and was the 2010 Elite Series Rookie of the Year. He's also one of most social media savvy anglers in the sport.

Sports fans don't take well to change. I cried when Bob Lilly, Chuck Howley and Lee Roy Jordan retired from the Dallas Cowboys. Find them on YouTube if you don't know they are. They broke my pre-teen, blue star loving heart.

New stars replaced them that were as much or more fun to watch.

新一代已经接管了Bassmaster Elite Series。拥抱他们 享用它们。有一天,其中之一 - 也许是约旦·李 - 将会完成或多于KVD。


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Deion Sanders recalls the time he savagely snubbed the Giants at the 1989 combine

Has there ever been an athleteSeth Roberts Womens Jersey  more confident than Deion Sanders? That was a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously no. The dudes nickname was prime time,which remains the coolest nickname in sports history.

Anyway, heres how confident a 22-year-old  Sanders was: He told the New York Giants, who owned a top-10 pick in the 1989 NFL draft, that he didnt have time for their games during a pre-draft meeting at the NFL combine.

Well let Deion tell the story

Sanders was correct. The Atlanta Falcons took him with the fifth-overall pick, so taking that test would have been a complete waste a time. But who knows? Maybe the Giants are so impressed with the results, they trade up and take  him with a higher pick. New York did end up winning a Super Bowl two years later, so maybe Sanders is the one who missed out here.


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5 Broncos players still haven't signed their ERFA tenders

The Denver Broncos announced Monday Brandon Flowers Youth Jersey that three players center Matt Paradis, wide receiver Jordan Taylor and long snapper Casey Kreiter have signed their exclusive-rights free agent tenders.

Those players are now part of the teams offseason roster (which has a 90-player limit) and under contract for the 2017 NFL season.

But the team has five more exclusive-rights free agents  that are yet to sign their tenders: inside linebacker Zaire Anderson, outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett, center James Ferentz, running back Kapri Bibbs and wide receiver Bennie Fowler.

Those players signing is likely just a formality, as they can essentially choose to sign their tenders or sit out the 2017 season.

Denver also placed second-round tenders on kicker Brandon McManus and linebacker Todd Davis earlier this offseason. They are both yet to sign.

Some players may start signing their tenders when they report to the teams facility for the start of the Broncosoffseason program April 10.


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这个项目是[url =]系列的一部分,Trevor Siemian Authentic Jersey [/ url] 49人将寻找填补即将到来的草稿和最适合这些地点的球员。今天的立场:


说明:该播放器可以直接从中心对齐,或者从中心向外倾斜到紧致的一端。玩家必须要大而强壮,但也可能不如Vince Wilfork原型那样大。例如,海鹰以[url =]为例,已经有了在这个位置的不太知名的球员,同时为防守中的其他地方保留他们的明星力量。这个头盔必须能够在双人组合上站稳脚跟,特别是在跑步上。玩家可能会在明显的传球失误的时候脱离球场,这意味着49人可能不会在高位上使用高挑。

谁现在有:49人超过三个其他队伍,以310磅重的自由球员伯爵米切尔(Earl Mitchell),他是这个地区的推定的前锋。米切尔从来没有参加过这个具体的防守,尽管他对防守协调员罗伯特·萨利赫(Robert Saleh)和防守线教练杰夫·佐格尼纳(Jeff Zgonina)的熟悉也与德州人的时间一致。Quinton Dial [url =] --allen-jersey-c-2_55.html [/ url]可能宁愿玩其他的防守线路,但他是一个选择,在过去打过鼻子。Mike Purcell也许是Chris Jones。当格伦·多尔西(Glenn Dorsey)回到阵容中时,这位49人的可怕的2016年防守有所改善:


完美契合:加州大学洛杉矶分校的Eddie Vanderdoes。Vanderdoes是非常强大的,随着他在最近几个月的减肥,已经恢复了运动能力,他[url =] [/ url]在2015年膝盖受伤导致他获得高达345磅的时候输了。其他:达拉文·汤姆林森,阿拉巴马州; 拉里奥贡约比,UNC夏洛特; 以利亚·夸尔斯,华盛顿。



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Veteran wide receiver Robert Woods reportedly Derek Carr Youth Jersey  will sign with the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN and Ian Rapoport of

The deal is expected to be for five years and $39 million, with $15 million guaranteed.

Woods, 24, has spent his entire four-year career with the Buffalo Bills, catching 203 passes for 2,451 yards and 12 touchdowns. While he's never accumulated 700 receiving yards or more than five touchdowns in a season, he's beenSterling Moore Jersey  a reliable option for the Bills during his time with the team.

Woods won't necessarily be the top option for the Rams, but at the worst he'll be a solid No. 2 or No. 3 receiver. While he doesn't excel in any one facet of the passing game, he's a solid route-runner and an excellent blocker who should be a nice addition to the team.

Woods doesn't have game-breaking speed or spectacular, acrobatic catches, but he does the little things well at the position and is a capable possession receiver.

For the Rams, utilizing him in that role as a  complement to Brian Quick and Tavon Austinalong with any wideouts the team potentially adds in the NFL draftshould benefit young quarterback Jared Goff. While the Rams still need to improve their weapons in the passing game, adding a player like Woods should help take some of the pressure off of running back  Todd Gurley.

With a new coaching staff in place and now an upgrade at wide receiver, the Rams should have a different look on offense in 2017.




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Mel Kiper feels Jaylon Smith kept Cowboys' 2016 draft from perfection

Earlier this year ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper had hisPatrick Robinson Womens Jersey  annual redraft and selected where players would go after their performance in their first NFL season. He has since revisited it and evaluated each teams collection of draft picks from the 2016 Draft. Immediately following the draft, Kiper gave the Cowboys a C. Following the past season that grade has been since changed to an A-.

Kiper offered a bit of insight as to why the Denzel Perryman Authentic Jersey Cowboys didnt get the full A . . . second-round pick Jaylon Smith. Smith carries the keys to a lot of future success for Dallas if he becomes the player many thought he was destined to be prior to an unfortunate knee injury in his last collegiate game.

After an surprise 13-3 season the future  of the Cowboys is generally regarded as positive. With a young and energetic new quarterback and running back, the Cowboys look poised to be in the mix for years to come. It wasnt by luck. It stems from calculated and through research, quality coaching and the will to improve from top to bottom.

With the 2017 NFL draft later this month, Dallas will look to replicate its recent success drafting.


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Jack Del Rio predicts leap year for Karl Joseph in 2017

Jack Del Rio is high on his team's first-round draft pick from last year.

While speaking at the NFL owners Baltimore-Ravens Womens Jersey meetings in Phoenix this week, the Oakland Raiders head coach predicted that second-year safety Karl Joseph will enjoy a leap year in 2017.

The offseason is in full swing for the Oakland Raiders. Want the latest signings sent straight to your inbox? Sign up for our FREE Raiders newsletter now!

"I think Karls going to take a big step forward this year as a player, and his development," Del Rio said, per the Raiders' official website. "Just with Brian Robison Authentic Jersey  comfort and understanding whats expected of him, coming in and being healthy, having a full offseason of work. I just feel like a confident Karl Joseph is going to be a much more impactful guy."

Joseph, the 14th-overall pick in last year's draft, tore his ACL during his senior season at West Virginia and was brought along slowly in training camp and the preseason. He did not play any defensive snaps in the first two games of the regular season.

When Joseph was inserted into the starting lineup alongside veteran safety Reggie Nelson in Week 3, his impact was immediate. He racked up 60 tackles (44 solo), six defended passes, an interception and a fumble recovery before injuring his toe and missing the last four games of the regular season.

Although he only saw defensive snaps in 10 games last season, Joseph made the All-Rookie team selected by the Pro Football Writers of America after the 2016 season.

The Raiders need Joseph to have a huge season in 2017. Oakland's defense ranked 26th in the NFL last season and struggles in the secondary  were largely to blame. The unit allowed 61 pass plays of 20-plus yards and 16 pass plays of 40-plus yards (both league highs).

A breakout year for Joseph would help the Raiders improve on defense overall.



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Joey Porter will be honored at the Mel Blount All-Star Celebrity Roast

When Mel Blount turned 50, he wanted Geoff Swaim Jersey to celebrate with his family, friends, and former teammates. But he also wanted to do something that would help others at the same time. So with that, the Mel Blount All-Star Celebrity Roast was born, and it continues to this day.

Each year Blount honors, and entertainingly roasts, a former Steelers player at the event, with the proceeds benefitting the Mel Blount Youth Home, and more recently the Mel Blount Youth Leadership Initiative.

This years honoree is Steelersoutside linebackers coach Joey Porter. Porter will be honored at the dinner, which will be held on April 7 at the Westin Convention Center, for his contribution to the Steelers as a player and coach, as well as his passion to give back. Porter and his wife Christy opened three different Jasmine Nyree Day Centers in their hometown of Bakersfield, California, a place where children with special needs, from age three to high school, receive the attention, teaching, and development they need, something that came about because their daughter Jasmine is autistic.

Its great that we share that passion,said Blount. I knew there was something about Joey. I just knew he was a good guy. Ive always believed in him when he played and got to know him. I am happy he is doing some good things.

Jerome Bettis, Porters former teammate, will be the  emcee and other former teammates will help roast Porter at the dinner.

Tickets are still available, and can be purchased by clicking on Mel Blount All-Star Celebrity Roast Tickets.





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Linebacker Gerald Hodges interested in returning to Vikings

Could linebacker Gerald Hodges return to the Vikings?

The free agent wrote in a text messageTy Hilton Womens Jersey  to the Pioneer Press on Monday he has interest in going back to the team that traded him to San Francisco in October 2015.

Yes,Hodges wrote. Definitely wouldnt mind playing for them! Great organization!!

Its unclear what the Vikingsinterest level is in bringing back Hodges, and he did not comment on whether his representatives have heard from them.

This much is sure: Minnesota could use some help at linebacker following the retirement of Chad Greenway, a starter on the outside, and Doug Flutie Womens Jersey departure of reserve Audie Cole, who signed as a free agent with Jacksonville. Hodges retweeted a Greenway tweet from the day he was traded.

Greenways Oct. 6, 2015 tweet read, Surprised would be an understatement. I guess good luck (Hodges), but you will be missed.In the retweet, Hodges wrote, Always been respected.

Hodges began 2015 as Minnesotas starter at middle linebacker before being traded four games into the season to the 49ers for a sixth-round draft pick and center Nick Easton. The move cleared the way for then-rookie Eric Kendricks to start in the middle, and he led the team in tackles that season.

Kendricks remains a starter for the Vikings, along with outside linebacker Anthony Barr. Hodges was been an outside linebacker before being moved in 2015 by the Vikings to the middle. He started the final four games of 2014 on the outside in place of an injured Barr.

Hodges had the best season of his career  in 2016. He started 12 of the 15 games he played for the 49ers and had 80 tackles, including three sacks.

Hodges, 26, was taken in the fourth round of the 2013 draft by Minnesota and started 10 of the 29 games he played. Since free agency began March 9, Hodges has visited one team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Vikings announced two number changes for 2017. Guard Alex Boone switches from No. 76 to 75 and cornerback Jabari Price from No. 25 to 24. Boone had worn No. 75 for San Francisco from 2010-15 but Matt Kalil had that number for the Vikings before signing as a free agent with Carolina. Price takes over the number  cornerback Captain Munnerlyn had been wearing before he also joined the Panthers, and recently signed running back Latavius Murray gets No. 25.


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Why Marcus Martin, new Browns center and Los Angeles native

'I feel like that's just our city that he brings to Cleveland ... That fire, that hunger, and that burn'

Marcus Martin knows a thing or two about Chuck Foreman Womens Jersey  Browns coach Hue Jackson.

I'm a Los Angeles guy,the former 49ers center said, cracking a smile. And so is Hue Jackson.

Indeed, Martin and Jackson went to rival high schools (Crenshaw and Dorsey, respectively) that are separated by less than three miles.

So when Martin, whom Cleveland claimed off waivers late last week, arrived at the teams facility, he knew what he was getting into.

You can see it, its in him,Martin said. I feel like that's just ourWillie Roaf Jersey  city that he brings to Cleveland. Thats the LA he brings to Cleveland, you know? That fire, that hunger, and that burn.

Martin is one of several newcomers to join the roster, joining center JC Tretter, guard Kevin Zeitler and wide receivers Kenny Britt and James Wright, who was picked up Tuesday.

Martin, a third-round pick from USC who played with Browns quarterback Cody Kessler and tight end Randall Telfer, spent the previous three seasons in San Francisco.

Playing for three different coaching staffs, MArtin started 24 games in that span including 14 in 2015 but saw his playing time decrease before he was placed on injured reserve last year.

The 49ers are a great organization they did a lot for me, Im very thankful for the opportunity they provided. What I earned over the years was learn how to deal with hardship,Martin said.

I learned how to deal with adversity, I learned how to deal with adaptation and learning to evolve because that's something that's serious you're going to be put in different situations in your life that maybe you didnt expect to be in, but you have to optimize and make the most out of it.

Martin, who enters a room that includes Zeitler, Tretter, veteran Joe Thomasand Joel Bitonio (who received a five-year extension last week), spoke of a championship attitudeinside the teams building.

You can see everybody is ready to turn this thing around. Wherever it was going, theyre ready to turn it around and start heading in the right direction,he said.

You can see it just from the improvements that you've made with everything going on right now, you see it everybody that Ive talked to has reiterated that. We want to win championships.That's what we're here for, we're here to grind.

Its an approach that starts with Jackson.

He came from an area similar to mine. And when  you come from those type of environments,Martin said, its either gonna make you or break you and its obviously made coach Jackson.


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Buffalo Bills end the Dan Carpenter Russian Roulettekicking game

For Buffalo Billsfans, watching Dan CarpenterDjoun Smith Authentic Jersey  attempt extra points and field goals the past two years was like watching your roulette ball teeter between black or red. You never knew if the football would sail through the uprights. Many fans cursed at their flatscreens. Carpenter missed five extra points in 2016 and six the previous season. Not good enough for the Billsadministration. They cut Carpenter last week and signed former Seattle Seahawks kicker #Stephen Hauschka to a new $12.4 million deal this past Thursday.

Hauschkas reliable foot

Last year, Hauschka made 33 out of 37 fieldJunior Seau Womens Jersey  goals. That is more than Carpenter. The former Buffalo kicker missed six field goals this past season. While they are equal in extra points missed in 2016, Hauschka only flubbed on four the year before. That is still an upgrade over the unsteady Carpenter. His inconsistency forced a few punts that Rex Ryan probably would have called for field goals if he had been more reliable.

Playoff experience

Stephen Hauschka has more post-season experience than Dan has had. The former Billskicker only had one playoff game when he was with the Miami Dolphins. Hauschka has also capitalized on field goals of 50 yards or more. With one Super Bowl win and two appearances under his belt, Hauschka is who you want on your team.

Nailing the kickoff

Hauschka was solid on kicking off last year. He was in the top 15 for touchbacks. Carpenter had some issues with kickoffs during the last half of the season. Hauschka had 54 touchbacks, while Carpenter only had 28. That is almost double for the new Billskicker and good stat for his future Buffalo career.

All weather guy

Hauschka has played in the cold and warm weather for teams such as the Vikings, Broncos, Atlanta, and Detroit. Kicking in different weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and snow is a definite plus in NFL games where 3 points often decide the winners. There are conspiracy theories that Scott Norwood's Super Bowl 25 wide right attempt was due to a sudden gust of the wind from jets that flew over the field. Let's hope that Hauschka has better luck.


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Broncos furious after Titans' hit on Harris: 'They're dirty'

NASHVILLE This version of the Broncos Mario Edwards Womens Jersey has lost nine games since Gary Kubiak arrived prior to the 2015 season. Never has their locker room been as spittinmad as it was Sunday.

The match that lit their short fuse had little to do with Tennessees 13-10 win at Nissan Stadium.

During the first half of an exceptionally physical game, Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas threw his body into the right knee of Broncos star cornerback Chris Harris Jr., who fell to the turf and was helped off the field before later returning to the game. The play was almost dead and was run to the opposite side of the field when Harris endured what he called the dirtiest play Ive ever seen in my life.Harris left the locker Thomas Morstead Womens Jersey room and boarded the team bus without putting on his dress suit, saying he was too soreto get dressed again. Instead, he wore a hoodie, sweatpants and a look that would frighten an MMA fighter into submission.

All their receivers are trash,Harris told The Gazette. Thats why they come out here in a goal-line offense.

Harris, who sustained a torn ACL in January 2014, said he didnt believe the injury is serious. That, along with Trevor Siemians sharp performance, were about the only bright spots on a gloom-and-doomed Broncos Sunday.

"Cowardice," linebacker Shane Ray called the Douglas play.

On the snap after Douglas' hit on Harris, Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib took matters into his own hands, shoving Douglas and igniting a fight that spilled onto the Tennessee sideline.

Im gonna beat his (butt)upon their next encounter, Talib said afterward, adding he and Douglas share the same agent.

Harris said Douglas better be finedfor the incident.

Im a tough player. Im a gritty player,Douglas told reporters in the Titans locker room, according to Im not a dirty player, no matter what anybody says.

The No Fly Zonedid its part in a game that puts the Broncos on the brink of playoff extinction. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota completed six passes for 88 yards. Siemian was 35 of 51 for 334 yards and a touchdown.

Theres an outside shot the Broncos and Titans could meet again, in the AFC playoffs, but the teams are not scheduled to play again next season.

They were all doing dirty stuff. Their whole offensive line was dirty,Denver lineman Derek Wolfe said. I was getting grabbed by my (injured) elbow and yanked by my elbow brace and pulled to the ground. Thats obviously  the team they are. Theyre dirty. We combatted that. If we have to have a bench-clearing brawl and we have to fight if I have to give you my address and you come see me in the offseason we will.

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