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How Penn State's Marcus Allen grew from rookie to grizzled vet, and what it means

It was the middle of October, 2014, when Winston Guy Womens Jersey Marcus Allen went from former four-star recruit to starting Penn State safety.

He hasn't looked back since.

No. 2 in blue and white has played a lot of football for the Nittany Lions since he subbed in for Ryan Keiser, a victim of a freak practice accident, days before the Lions took on Ohio State in what would turn into an overtime thriller.

The true freshman has morphed his game since then plenty, but not enough to make him think he was or is ready for the NFL. So, after much thought, he and his family decided returning to school was best so that Allen, a product of Wise High in Maryland, could play one final season to try and help PSU go further than a Big Ten title while also improving his draft stock.

"I know that was the right decision," AllenKing Dunlap Kids Jersey  said on Wednesday.

"I wanted to work on everything, to be honest. That's my tackling, my coverage, turnovers, everything. I definitely want to make way more plays."

Penn State will be greatly benefitted if Allen does just that, because believe it or not, he has yet to record his first interception despite starting in over 20 career games.

Of course, it must be noted that there have been many times between his first start and now that he's been asked to play the run more than the pass. His 22-tackle effort against Minnesota last season is one good example of that, but the position still needs to create more game-changing plays, which Allen is aware of.

"The secondary needs way more turnovers, we need to make a  lot of plays, and that means we have to put in the work," he said.

He's led the charge this offseason, taking the role of unit leader and starting a group text message to ensure guys like Ayron Monroe, Nick Scott, Troy Apke, John Petrishen, and other safeties young and old who are fighting for the starting safety spot opposite him -- the one vacated by Malik Golden -- are taking the extra steps that are necessary to improve.

As for where his leadership traits come from, they were built on what he learned from the guys that helped him way back when, such as Golden, Adrian Amos, Keiser, Jordan Lucas, and Trevor Williams.

"After every practice, we do extra work," Allen said. "Even when we're not practicing, come in; we have a group message, and I hit up all the safeties to tell them to come in and get some extra work."

It's not just the safeties Allen is taking under his wing, either; he's also helping out true freshman corner and January enrollee Lamont Wade.

"They're very sparky," Allen continued. "They really make  a whole bunch of elusive plays, especially Lamont. Lamont is very explosive. He has that knack to him. He's going to be a really good player."

He hopes the whole group as a whole turns into really good players this fall. Penn State does, too.

"I think the whole defense, we try to pick up everyone as far as playbooks, knowing the plays; if they need any help, just try and be that big brother for them," Allen said.

"To be honest, I think we still have that chemistry. I really don't think we're missing anything at all."


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根据当NFL时间表[URL = HTTP://]杰里米·克利新泽西[/ URL]迈阿密小号再见,TJ麦当劳将在第9周或第10周暂停。


一个是Reshad Jones,他假设他完全恢复了破坏了他的2016赛季的重大肩伤,将是[url = -c-1_20.html] EJ Manuel Womens Jersey [/ url]在场上每场单打。

因此,在过去一个月里,两个新的海豚签约,每场比赛离开了65岁左右的麦当劳和Nate Allen之间。

那么,什么s ^马特·伯克的计划?这需要在休赛期和训练营里玩耍。' SA安全的赌注,谁更好的做法将发挥更多功能。

Plus, if McDonald whos suspended the seasons first eight games for violating the leagues substance abuse police messes up again, the point will be moot. The Dolphins have a zero tolerance policy with him.

But for the sake of argument (its April, the time for conjecture), lets posit  that both players stay healthy and out of trouble.

If so, both players will bring their own strengths to the defense, as these highlights, ably compiled by Dolphins blogger extraordinaire Max Himmelrich, demonstrate.

▪  T.J. McDonald. Age: 26. Height: 6-2. Weight: 217. Games played: 53. Games started: 53. Tackles: 218. Interceptions: 4. Passes defensed: 17.

▪  Nate Allen. Age: 29. Height: 6-0. Weight: 210. Games played: 93. Games started: 76. Tackles: 368. Interceptions: 13. Passes defensed: 34.

马克斯' s充分: “ 麦当劳是更好的球员。Nate Allen将会在一场比赛中打败一场可怕的比赛,但在此之外可以坚定不移。最好的情况是让艾伦和麦克唐纳轮流,但它似乎是最好的用途[url =] http :// [/ url]   麦当劳是为了增强跑步D和浅层覆盖率,然后偶尔进入深度覆盖。




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资料来源:圣徒重新签名Sterling Moore

据消息人士透露,圣徒已经将Sterling Moore重新签署为期一年的协议。

摩尔与上个赛季的圣徒挂钩[url =]达克·普雷斯科特青年泽西[/ url],并出现在受伤后,该队的顶尖角卫抹去了深度图的顶部。他在上赛季出现了13场比赛,截获了两次传球,13次进攻和56次抢断。

摩尔对本赛季晚些时候返回圣徒表示了兴趣,双方进入了自由球员,共同感兴趣[url =]。 html] [/ url]粘在一起。摩尔公司后来宣布推出Twitter。

新奥尔良一直在市场上受到反击,最近也接管了自由球员马尔科姆·巴特勒(Malcolm Butler),他们的权利仍然属于新英格兰爱国者。

即使没有额外的动作,摩尔,谁[url =]可以在内部和外部玩耍,给圣徒一个坚实的选择和质量深入后面的保护起动器,德尔文·布莱克和PJ·威廉姆斯的球员 - mychal-rivera-jersey-c-2_51.html [/ url]。


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虽然体育媒体对托尼·罗莫的退休感到厌烦,随后搬到了CBS广播站,佩顿·曼宁显然有[url = .html] Corey White Womens Jersey [/ url]没有兴趣跟随诉讼。


在与丹佛野马队取得超级碗50后退役的曼宁,也许是最受欢迎的前球员[url = c-1_47.html] Trevor Siemian Womens Jersey [/ url]媒体景观。他亲切的个性和NFL的简历使他成为一名球员,似乎是在他职业生涯的后半部分播出的所有其他商业广告。

Ourand表示,曼宁对足球的业务领域更感兴趣,突显了目前的野马执行官约翰·埃尔威(John Elway)的灵感。在2008赛季之后,Elway是科罗拉多州竞技场足球联盟的创始人之一。他于2011年重新加入野马作为总经理。

曼宁成为团队老板的传言在他的职业生涯中很流行,而去年被问及他的想法的CBS分析师表示,前NFL MVP更喜欢对媒体的管理。

“毫无疑问,他会非常棒的[空中],”前NFL四分卫Rich Gannon告诉“赢家”的查尔斯·柯蒂斯。“我猜是他想要的[url =]参与游戏的玩家 - 还有更多的手,这可能是总经理或所有权。“

福克斯体育报的Jay Glazer在1月份报道说,印第安纳波利斯小马队队长吉姆·伊塞伊(Jim Irsay)追求曼宁进行足球运动,并为Jon Gruden接替主教练。Irsay的追求在两方面都失败了,Chris Ballard接任总经理,Chuck Pagano继续担任教练。

根据,Manning的职业收入创下了创纪录的4亿美元,但这并不足以让他获得任何NFL专营权的多数股权。更有可能他会加入一个组织作为少数所有者,而[url =] http:// www。在足球运动中挥舞着力量的真实球员体验./shop-by-players-darren-mcfadden-jersey-c-2_7.html [/ url]。

有关Peyton Manning和NFL的更多新闻,谣言和相关故事,请查看Bleacher Report的应用程序中的NFL流。  


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关于Dwight Lowery的五个有趣的事实


虽然你可能知道德怀特·洛厄里正在进入他的第二个赛季的螺栓,这里有五个有趣的事实,你可能会穿上' 知道有关[URL = HTTP://帕特里克·罗宾逊青年泽西[/ url]   退伍军人安全:阅读

力量之王:Lowery是一位自称为“星球大战”的粉丝。虽然他' 不是作为一个球迷的一些铁杆,他喜欢为他们的内容的电影:   ' 什么东西,我喜欢,只是因为它谈论的力量,以及它如何带来的东西放在一起。有家庭问题,爱情和和平感。您可以将很多(你学什么)日常生活和' 为什么我喜欢他们。

比表面更深:Lowery是一个社会学专业的大师,他在圣何塞州立时间,它很容易明白他为什么选择走这条路。  ' 中号不会有人可以看一下表面上谁,有我想通了。我觉得有时候,我们重新这么快(判断),因为在社会化媒体S,从而快速访问。我喜欢面对面沟通。我喜欢与人有个人关系。

烧烤Buff:虽然墨西哥人是他最喜欢的美食,但Lowery承认他有一个新的爱:烧烤。他甚至分享了一个提示,认为是什么使得[url =] -seattle-海鹰-C-1_1448.html [/ URL]最好的BBQ:任何人都可以烧烤,但这是关于你如何腌,多久你腌它多久你做饭吧。我觉得那个s表示艺术年代发展起来。

新的爱好:他为爱光剑也许启发,洛厄里有一个新的爱好,他已经准备好去接:我想学剑怎么打和(占用)的格斗。洛厄里提到他' s ^一直到混合武术了一段时间,以相同的心态,作为一个MMA战斗机的接近橄榄球的比赛。

幽默的狡猾感觉:你可能会认为Lowery是[url =] /shop-by-players-harrison-smith-jersey-c-2_16.html[/url]害羞当你第一次见到他,但他有幽默感,通过惊讶需要的人:' M个备用,但由于一旦你了解我,它就像一个角色转变!


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It might be Von Miller's time to be Broncos' captain

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- When Von Miller stands in front of his locker at the Denver Broncoscomplex these days, he doesnt have to look far to see whats missing this season.

Or rather whos missing, because to say thereMalcolm Smith Youth Jersey  is an opening in the leadership department would be a sizable understatement. Just look at the last two offseasons.

After the 2015 season, Peyton Manning retired, removing one of the strongest leaders to have ever graced an NFL roster. And after the 2016 season, DeMarcus Ware retired, and Ware isnt that far down the list of top leaders either.

So whether by necessity, timing or the way the football dominoes have fallen, it could be Millers time.

Were missing one of the greatest leaders in the National Football League, to ever come through the National Football League in DeMarcus Ware, so theres a little void there,’’ Miller said Tuesday after the teams first offseason workout. But I feel like well be able to fill it.’’

Miller is the Broncosmarquee player. Hes the Indianapolis-Colts Womens Jersey  guy with the $114.5 million contract that made him the highest-paid defensive player in the game.

Miller has been named to five Pro Bowls and three first-team All-Pro Teams, and he has won a Super Bowl MVP award. But he has never been elected as a team captain.

Circumstances may demand that he add that to his resume in 2017. In terms of resumes, with Mannings and Wares out of the mix, Millers stands out.

Miller is one of the Broncos' strongest voices, a free spirit whose wit and biting tongue find plenty of targets in the locker room every day. But he has not yet been in a role where he helped set the tone of the team.

Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins were on the Broncos' roster when Miller was a rookie, Manning arrived in Millers second season, and Ware arrived in his fourth season. And when Ware arrived, Miller simply was trying to resurrect his career as he battled his way back from a six-game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy and a torn ACL.

Time has marched on, and Miller, about to enter his seventh season, finds himself in a different situation.

I feel like Ive always been a leader,’’ Miller said. Ive always had great examples of great leadership going all the way back to Tim Tebow and Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey. Ive always had great examples of great leadership, so I know what it takes and I feel like Ive always done that.’’

Asked if it was important to him to be acknowledged as a team captain, Miller said, Its important for me to win games and win the Super Bowl. Youve got to go out there and earn the respect from the guys in the locker room. I feel like my whole career, Ive always been kind of like the peoples champ of the locker room. Its not really going to change. Im always going to be the peoples champ, but we have a void on our football team with DeMarcus Ware missing. Thats definitely one of my goals, but the No. 1 goal is to win games. Thats why Im here.’’

However it all shakes out over the next few months, Miller acknowledged, as he did after Mannings departure, that replacing Wares presence in the locker room cant be done simply by being named a captain. It will take a more concerted effort from Miller and others to set the tone.

Thats tough, thats just like when Peyton left,’’ Miller said. You cant really just fill that void. Youve got to just modify the team and move on. Other leaders will step up, other players will step up but [you] cant really just fill a void like that.''


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马特·赖恩领先FALCONS ' 追求' BEST EVER休赛期

当马特·瑞恩(Matt Ryan)最后一次向他发表了他的[url =] Scott Tolzien Jersey [/ url]在离开休赛期之前,他的消息很简单:回来更强。



第二年,瑞恩在南佛罗里达州举办了一个只有球员”的阵营。瑞恩和公司在迈阿密大学接受培训三天。瑞恩能够从今年起的双打队友的数量增加一倍[url =]丹泽尔佩里曼儿童球衣[/ URL]  之前,表示该团队承诺到彼此。


' 只是一个很好的机会,大家聚在一起,连接并试图让债券更紧比以往任何时候, ” 瑞恩从南佛罗里达州的电话采访时说。



希望继续加强[url =]通过播放器- TRAE-waynes汗布-C-2_11.html [/ URL]兄弟是小号目前已到位,并有猎鹰有过的最好的休赛期,瑞恩决定与计划执行另一个前进players-只有阵营为他的队友。

今年的目的是重新连接,瑞恩说。自从赛季结束以来,每个人都分开了路。我认为这我们所有人在开始之前重新连接的好机会,并为我们希望向前发展而设定基调。丹(奎因)约试图使它我们最好的休赛期,所有的时间谈' 已经有过,对我这是启动它的好方法。

而当整个团队猎鹰返回杉科下周一,热情赢得T为某事s ^缺乏,根据瑞恩在短短的一天已经看到他在迈阿密的队友。

热情,那' S中的最重要的事情[URL = HTTP://]   这个激动我的/shop-by-players-michael-crabtree-jersey-c-2_55.html [/ url] “,瑞恩说。每个人都准备开始,每个人都很高兴开始。球员们的热情和乐观情绪一直很酷。


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Kamar Aiken将为Phillip Dorsett和Donte Moncrief两人提供比赛

当小马签下Kamar Aiken时,大多数人认为这个这是坏消息菲利普·多塞特,当涉及到第三接手作用,但' S可能是艾肯可以推动更大的作用。

后说,与小马队签约艾肯, “ 有人告诉我,那里将是开放的竞争基本上是在我们的房间接收器, ” 这似乎暗示他会为一个首发位置竞争。然后上周,克里斯·巴拉德解释说,不仅是爱肯竞赛,而且也是为唐代蒙克里哀。

“ [ ' S]一个更大的接收器,一个伟大的家伙,伟大的队友,坚韧,会做肮脏的工作,巴拉德说,根据 凯文博文。我们以为他只是一个非常适合加入比赛的小组,他会做[url =。 html] Maurkice Pouncey正品泽西[/ url]  那个。一个很好的亲。我们认为卡玛有一件好处很多。我们增加了竞争,但它不是给菲利普公正的竞争。' S代表蒙克里夫也竞争。

这是有道理的,因为艾肯的游戏是更好的适合推蒙克里夫反正不是帝豪,谁仍然可以有一个角色作为一个迪普·思雷特wideout。所以我们必须要注意如何多特·蒙克利夫' 的作用是通过卡玛·艾肯的签约影响了。

' SA丰收的一年蒙克里夫,谁正在进入他的小马队的新秀合同的最后一年。Š一直是小马队一个很好的红区的威胁,但受伤病困扰他去年和阻止他近一步,许多人以为他会的步骤。所以,现在他去给有竞争太强了,他会要赚他的上场时间。

很可能,小马将会找到方法来使用[url =] /shop-by-players-jarvis-jones-jersey-c-2_16.html[/url]他们的所有视野,从Donte Moncrief到Kamar Aiken到Phillip Dorsett到Chester Rogers(当然TY希尔顿是顶级的接收者) 。所以Moncrief和Aiken都能够获得大量的机会,尽管这个休赛期可以决定二号接力角色。在这一点上,Moncrief可能是前锋,但是Aiken是一个有天赋的接球员,这个休赛期是非常好的。

根据Colts.com的说法一个很大的身体,可以在手中玩球,没有球在手中,Pagano对Aiken说。他将在比赛中成为一支力量。不是害怕混合起来。他会做肮脏的工作。一个很好的亲。' 萨·斯马尔特,聪明的家伙。他明白,一天天需要成为一名真正好的足球运动员。我们' 已经有一些大个子,但只是数量不够。他给这个房间带来了很大的身体素质。

艾肯曾在2015年突破季节与乌鸦,但在2016年增长了沮丧,因为他被埋葬深度图表上,让他激动的一个机会,在印第安纳波利斯的比赛。而小马队已经有TY希尔顿已经到位[url =] /shop-by-players-navorro-bowman-jersey-c-1_35.html[/url]   ,然后在接收室其他一些天赋,卡玛·艾肯赢得了牛逼只是为男人喜欢多特·蒙克利夫和菲利普·多塞特,他的竞争会可能在传球提供了富有成效的目标安德鲁·卢茨克也不管他的深度图上卷起的。



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星期天晚上,奥克兰攻略[url =] Cordy Glenn Kids Jersey [/ url]离开了胜利者与他们的分裂加剧的战斗敌对丹佛野马。这场比赛导致了一场30-20银黑赢,表明攻略者渴望展现自己能力。在开球之前,前攻击防守线路人员奥的斯·西斯特伦克(Otis Sistrunk)出席了会议,并且[url =] http:// www /店由播放器-西尔维斯特-威廉姆斯的球衣-C-1_25.html [/ URL]   请点燃火炬纪念表彰阿尔·戴维斯。

Sistrunk在袭击事件的过程中,三次拦截,并恢复了七次。他在场上的努力在1974赛季,他在联盟的第三个赛季赢得了他的职业碗泊位,并且服务于所有七个[url = jersey-c-2_49.html] [/ url]他在NFL中的银色和黑色。Sistrunk也是1976年当时该队击败明尼苏达维京人32-14的攻略第一超级碗胜利的成员。




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Titans DL Sylvester Williams Wants to Make Late Father Proud

As a member of the Titans, the teams new defensive lineman plans to continue doing things to make his father happy. He just wishes his dad could witness it himself.

I remember when I first went to college, myDenzel Perryman Authentic Jersey  dad was so happy for me,’’ Williams said. The day I got drafted by the Broncos, he was so proud. And I told him then: Everything I do is going to be for you. I did everything I could to make him happy, and to make his life as easy as possible with his health issues.

I know he was proud of me -- he used to tell me all the time. It hurts not having him here with me, but I plan to live through the memory he created.

Sylvester Williams Sr. died on February 10, a little more than a month before his son signed as a free agent with the Tennessee Titans. The elder Williams saw his son, who worked at Backyard Burger and Taco Bell while in high school, pay his dues after nearly missing out on a chance to go to college -- and play football -- while working in a factory for six months after his high school graduation.

He also saw his son win a Super Bowl ring in Denver-Broncos Womens Jersey Denver after becoming a full-time starter, and a dependable pro.

Sylvester Williams Sr. died following a heart attack last month. Hed battled health problems for years.

The day Williams signed with the Titans, he said he was thrilled to know the Titans believed in him. But the 6-foot-2, 312-pound nose tackle admitted it was hard to not have his father with him on such a big day.

Being here in this moment without him, its tough,’’ Williams said. But I know he would be happy for me.

I just want to be as good a man, and as good a father as he was. He was a great man. My father worked in a factory for over 20-something years. There was nothing he couldnt do. Ive seen my dad build walls and he was the type of person who wanted to help everybody, thats just how he was. He never took the time to look out for himself. Thats why when I was able, I tried to do everything I could to make him comfortable.

A first-round pick by the Broncos in the 2013 NFL Draft, Williams has played in 60 games over the past four seasons, with 48 starts. He started all 16 games last season for the Broncos, when he recorded 29 tackles and a sack.

In his career, hes tallied 94 tackles and six sacks.

The story behind Williams is one of determination.

In high school, he started just one game at Jefferson City (Mo.). A coach spotted him in the hallways, and asked him to go out for football, so he gave it a shot. He was raw, with poor technique when he took the field. When he played, he simply tried to outmuscle his opposition. When his senior season ended, he figured that would be the end of his playing days.

Williams worked at Wal-Mart for a short time before landing a job at the same factory where his father worked, Modine Manufacturing Company. He made radiator parts for large trucks, and said he was happy with the money and the benefits. But six months in he wondered if there was something else out there for him.

I have a ton of respect for the people there,’’ Williams said. But I just knew I wanted to pursue something different in life, so I went back to school.

A former coach suggested Williams go to junior college, and he did. His father drove him to Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College, roughly five hours from him.

There, Williams got serious about football, and his life. After ballooning to 360 pounds, he got into better shape, and he ate better. He learned football, and colleges began to find out he had a lot of potential. Williams visited schools like USC, Auburn, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State and Baylor before deciding on North Carolina.

Williams started 45 games during his collegiate c areer, and earned a first-round draft pick.

Now, after four years in Denver, Williams is ready to make an impact in Tennessee.

Hes excited. And hes determined to keep going.

Its sad to see him go, it really is,’’ Williams said of his father. He took a lot of pride in his kids. It hurts not having him here with me.

But I am going to keep doing the things that would make him proud.



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马克·桑切斯选择6; 熊粉丝可能不会做bo ing Jay Cutler的号码

这是很难找到一个统一的[url =] Corey White Authentic Jersey [/ url]在过去八个赛季,芝加哥熊队的球迷多于6号。

但是,不管杰克·卡特勒(Jay Cutler)带来的不便之处,还没有阻止马克·桑切斯(Mark Sanchez)选择穿上USC,纽约喷气机和丹佛野马的数字。他和费城老鹰队和达拉斯牛仔队一起穿了第三名。

卡特勒在芝加哥度过了八年的时间,其中[url =]当熊在3月份释放他时,球员-terrell-davis-jersey-c-1_20.html [/ url]结束了,没有没有其亮点。事实上,他重写了QB饥饿专营的记录册。但是,当熊队以2009年的高价从丹佛获得了丹佛,但超级碗的机会预期是一个季后赛泊位。

桑切斯可以与职位的压力有关。他曾经在纽约的一场争吵中被嘘了起来。他的“对接失败”是更多的[url =] NFL历史上的/shop-by-players-menelik-watson-jersey-c-2_49.html [/ url]臭名昭着的戏剧。




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自从2012年以来,英国的伊恩·威廉姆斯第三次在自己的职业生涯中第一次在击败了红衫军之后,他们的主场迎战了[深圳人-c-2_60.html] Merril Hoge青年泽西[/ url]瑞典的Johnie Berntsson在长滩游艇俱乐部主办的第53届年度国际杯赛的最后一轮。

' 太棒, ” 威廉姆斯说,赢得他的第三个国会世界杯之后。已经等了很长时间,而且伟大与一些老家伙从昔日的回来。


老实说,我们得到了黑旗,我们亲爱的[url =] http://www.authenticsteelersshop 威廉姆斯说:   知道这是即将到来的.com / shop-by-players-justin-gilbert-jersey-c-2_22.html [/ url]


s ^相当罕见参加比赛的时候,你可以看不到顶标, ” 他说。我认为我们处理得很好。


新西兰的Chris Steele赢得了舰队[url = /shop-by-players-21-vontae-davis-jersey-c-1_11.html[/url]比赛,更重要的是2000美元的奖金。舰队赛以六名未进入半决赛的船员为特色。



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Trevor Siemian与Paxton Lynch。让野马战争开始在野马国家

让野马国家开始争吵。你是特雷沃·暹根吗?或者你和Paxton Lynch一起滚动?

这不是四分卫的争议。这是一个[url =] Dexter Mccluster正品泽西[/ url]从蒂姆·托布离开丹佛以来没有看到的不文明战争。






一年以前,加里·库比亚克(Gary Kubiak)优先考虑在季后赛中找到球队未来的QB,他在两项任务中都失败了。虽然这是可以理解的[url =]酋长c-1_130.html [/ url]为什么库比亚克以捍卫超级碗冠军的方式胜出,他走出鸽舍谷总部的门,在约瑟的腿上留下一个热土豆。


在这里,无法控制喧嚣的教练真正快速跑出城外。还是忘记了Josh McDaniels?在这里,热情的粉丝团将尖叫四分卫,直到教练几乎不可能忽略。还是忘记了Tebowmania?



不要想 嗯,杰克·普拉默(Jake Plummer)永远是,总是[url =]杰夫·洛克的真皮泽西[/ url]将是一个更好的NFL四分卫比杰克·卡特勒,但并没有阻止蛇失去他的工作,当迈克·沙纳汗把一个获胜的队伍转变为他的第一轮选秀权。



野马国家和他们的两个四分卫前景之间有一个奇怪的动态。如果Twitter是足球狂热分子的非理性心态,那么Siemian或者是下一个汤姆·布雷迪(Tom Brady)或布赖恩·格里斯(Brian Griese),而林奇则是联盟的下一个伟大的枪手,或者太愚蠢的阅读NFL防守。


虽然暹粒队可以指挥一个拥挤而且坚韧的指甲,但新英格兰的教练比尔·比利奇克则在十二月份的爱国者16-3胜利期间,透露了暹粒有限的防守技巧。尽管林奇缺乏脚步和焦点可以推动教练,如果新的进攻协调员麦克·麦科伊找不到页面[url = c-2_37.html] [/ url]在他的手册中,允许林奇的发挥能力作为开始四分卫,那么John Elway聘请了错误的教练人员。



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Marcus Allen Wins RoT Madness as USC Footballs Ultimate Player

After weeks of matchups and thousands of votes, USC football fans have spoken and crowned a winner of RoT Madness. Its MarcusKhalil Mack Authentic Jersey  Allen, who now has a companion to his 1981 Heisman Trophy.

The impossible decision between Marcus Allen and Ronnie Lott in the final of RoT Madness went to Allen with 72.3 percent of the votes, as he becomes the first ever winner of Reign of Troys knockout tournament featuring 64 Trojan legends.

As the winner of the vaunted Running Backs subregion, Allens journey to the crown may have been the toughest in all of RoT Madness. But  he did it in impressive fashion, winning all but one matchup with as much as 70 percent of the vote.

Allen ousted Sam Cunningham with 96.7 percent in the first round, before getting past a pair of fellow Heisman Trophy winners in O.J. Simpson (72.5 percent) and Reggie Bush (55.5 percent).

After get through Tailback U, back-to-back blowout wins over defensive stars AdoreeJackson (87.6 percent) and Junior Seau (88.0 percent) put Allen into the championship across from USC and LA Raiders teammate Lott.

The RoT Madness crown now sits among of a crop of distinguished titles for Marcus Allen. The winner of the 1981 Heisman Trophy holds USCs single-season rushing record and is a member of both the College Football and Pro Football Hall of Fames.

In four seasons at Troy, Allen amassed 4,810 rushing yards and 47 total touchdowns. And thats including a pair of seasons in which he  played fullback and paved the way for Heisman winner Charles White.

Marcus Allen, congratulations. You are the Ultimate USC Football player, as voted by the fans.



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Shannon Sharpes message to Dez Bryant after WR reacts to criticism

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant Louis Lipps Youth Jersey shared his thoughts on racism in America in a series of Instagram posts Monday, and the following day NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe responded to Bryant and urged Bryant to educate himself on the issue.

Following Tuesday's episode of Undisputed, Bryant called out Sharpe and accused him of "twisting my words."

On Wednesday, Sharpe invited Bryant to Justin Gilbert Womens Jersey come discuss the issue of race relations and racism on the show, and explained why he believes Bryant has a "shallow" perspective.

When I discuss a topic on this show, I dont do it for shock value. I say what I truly, honestly feel. I do my homework, I do my research, and  I try to speak in a way that the people at home will understand what Im trying to convey.

Dez, I would love for you to have the opportunity to come sit and discuss your views, and then you hear my side, and we can go from there. But before you do, I ask that you do me this one favor.

I ask that you read the DOJ report - the Department of Justice report - what they found in the police department in Ferguson, Missouri. What they found in Chicago, and what they found in Baltimore, Maryland. And then, and only then, if you think personal accountability is the way, then we can have this honest conversation.


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