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重新评级维京人2016年的选秀权:WR Laquon Treadwell

随着2017年NFL草案第23选,[url =] Jack Butler Kids Jersey [/ url]明尼苏达维京人从密西西比州选出宽接收器的Laquon Treadwell。



在他的第一个[url =]中没有辩论   Treadwell挑选的胸围标签慢慢爬行,但有一些半正面消息。

Treadwell只有21岁,所以有足够的时间让他转过身来。随着Charles Johnson和Cordarrelle Patterson的离职,Treadwell应该在默认情况下打球时间有所下降,随着四分卫萨姆·布拉德福德的季后赛。

所有这一切可能会改变,当然,如果维京人决定[url =] http:// [/ url]在草稿中起草一个广泛的接收者,或者添加一个经验丰富的接收者(如Anquan Boldin)草案。




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米尔堡二人值得Gregory和特·博伊德希望加强镇' 小号NFL行列

到NFL ISN道路TA洒脱兜风下的路线66. 萨·隆恩跋涉与扭曲,转向,和稍纵即逝的商机。米尔堡' 小号特·博伊德和值得格雷戈里会告诉你需要准备和毅力。

在东卡罗来纳州的队友每天都在为[...]而做的   例行程序(url =] Steve Atwater Womens Jersey [/ url]过去几个月,包括训练,起重和训练等等。博伊德,一个大胡子,身材魁梧,身高6尺4 300磅的进攻架线工,在今年早些时候开始了他的训练在位于新泽西州的考试足球学院,在那里他的一天包括六个小时的锻炼- 早上速度和敏捷性下午的重量 - 午餐间短暂休息。全国福特毕业生ISN ' 牛逼强调有关进程。

This is what Ive been doing my whole life since I was a little kid,he said. Im just down to one last opportunity to put on a showcase of what I can do.

Any scouts interested in Boyd have plenty of material to study. By his redshirt sophomore season in 2014, he was starting in an offensive unit that averaged 533 yards of total offense per game and ranked fifth nationally. Boyd was selected second-team All-American Athletic Conference, and was honorable mention in 2015. In the classroom, he was an ECU Honor Roll and Deans List performer.

I love working hard. Its what I do, its what offensive lineman do,said Boyd. Its part of the brand of being an offensive lineman and its what I try to do every day.

During his career at ECU, he played against teams like Florida and Virginia Tech that consistently put players in the NFL every year.

Im confident in my ability to play against the best,said Boyd. I think I belong there.

Boyd said he wasnt hearing much from NFL teams, but he knew a good performance at ECUS pro day in late March would increase his standing with scouts. All 32 NFL teams sent representatives to ECU for the pro day workout.

Boyd and Gregory, a standout punter from Fort Mill High, worked out for the hometown Carolina Panthers on April 7 to showcase their skills. Like Boyd, Gregory has tried to stay calm during the busy process. Before Fridays date with the Panthers, he punted for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins but said he could care less which team signs him.

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound kicker worked out with NFL punters like 49ersBradley Pinion and LionsSam Martin in the last couple of months.

Im new to all of it so Im happy that ImMike Adams Womens Jersey  able to talk to these guys that have been in my position to help me go through what Im going through right now,said Gregory.

Like Boyd, Gregorys work ethic has stood out at ECU.

He will not take any shortcuts in getting to that final destination,said Shannon Moore, ECUs special teams coach. Hes very organized about everything that he does from school work to his workout sessions.

Gregory has an outgoing personality - a quality that will come in handy on an NFL roster. Moore said Gregory went to ECU coaches before the season and requested to room with the teams true-freshman long snapper the night before games to help him cope with nerves. The Piratespunting unit didnt have a single bad snap all fall.

They respect and respond to things he feels like will help the team,Moore said. Anything an organization would ask him to do I feel he would jump at the opportunity to represent them.

Gregorys high school coach, Ed Susi, said Gregory spent plenty of time perfecting his craft while he was a Fort Mill Yellow Jacket.

He knew what he had to do to succeed,said Susi. He worked his butt off on all kinds of kicks.

Gregory spent his freshman year (2012) at Alabama as a walk-on with a squad that demolished Notre Dame to win the BCS National Championship. Since he was not on scholarship, he later decided to transfer and found a home at ECU.

Gregory earned a spot on the second team All-AAC roster in 2016, and started every game in his three years of eligibility. He averaged 43 yards per punt over the course of his career. Among conference foes, only Memphiss Spencer Smith had a better average through those three years.

He was annoyed to miss out on the NFL Draft Combine and several senior all-star games.

Its kind of pushed me to work harder and show everyone why I think I should have been in those things,said Gregory.

Boyd and Gregory are now shooting for the opportunity to join Denver Broncos defensive end, Vance Walker, as Fort Mill-bred NFL players.

When people think of the NFL in our area they start looking at Rock Hill,said Gregory. Itd be great to have some guys from Fort Mill in there other than Vance. It would be awesome for the whole town.

JT Boyd在担任东卡罗来纳州高中之前开始工作了两年。他的多才多艺和经验应该帮助他追求一个NFL阵容。照片由东卡罗来纳州田径提供





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我们看到球员在每个自由球员期间开关球衣[url =] Shaun Hill Womens Jersey [/ url]。这个休赛期,新丹佛野马队教练万斯·约瑟夫(Vance Joseph)的退赛是艰难的。


当他在洛杉矶选择了更大的机会,与野蛮公司签订了为期两年的合同时,野马队在韦伯斯特失败了。A [url =] celek-jersey-c-1_21.html [/ url]动作,与前丹佛防守协调员韦德·菲利普斯重新团结。


约瑟夫说,该团队将首先看看CB Lorenzo Doss接管韦伯斯特。

(Lorenzo Doss)可以做这份工作,但他必须证明这一点。

团队永远不会有足够的[url =]选手-汤姆-杰克逊球衣-C-1_19.html [/ URL] cornerbacks在今天的传球快乐NFL。野马队可能会在2017年NFL草案中起草一个角卫,以增加他们的次要球员的深度。



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Drew Brees告诉Bobby Hebert Focus是TEAM不合同

圣徒四分卫德鲁·布里斯是[url =] Xavier Rhodes Womens Jersey [/ url]进入2017赛季他当前的合同的最后一年,并表示,他不想谈判一个协议,直到季节之后。它引起了Who Dat Nation的轰动。一些球迷在想,如果BLACK&黄金可以' 吨得到比7-9驼峰为连续第4年,易建联可能会决定到别处拿自己的才华。  

我希望焦点不要关于我的[url =] /shop-by-players-jarius-wright-jersey-c-2_47.html [/ url]合约,“Brees告诉Bobby Hebert,Deuce McAllister和Deke Bellavia,”我希望关注这个团队,今年并创造出这种紧迫感。对我和他们 我不' 不在乎别的事情现在。至于我' 中号而言,我不可能在本赛季后再次踢足球。我希望这个季节是我绝对最好的,我希望这是我们团队绝对最好的。所以不要' 牛逼考虑任何进一步的然后我专注于此时此地。而今年,在现在和专注于这支球队,即“ 此而已。“   

Brees is definitely looking forward to the  upcoming NFL draft.  With the Saints having 5 picks in the top 103 selections, he is hoping the team can bring in the right pieces to help push the team back in playoff contention.

"We've got opportunities to really get some talent that can make an instant impact.  Now so more than ever in our league   you see rookies coming in and playing key roles in the team's success. I'm excited to see how that plays out for us and certainly  I'd love top that be postions players that could make impacts now."

同时,你所有的咖啡粉丝都可以赢得一个机会来满足Brees。的Dunkin ' 路易斯安那的甜甜圈承载一个Twitter抽奖[URL = HTTP://]杰·沃德正品泽西[/ URL]为有五个球迷用德鲁赢得一杯java。要输入@ DunkinLouisiana,在您最喜欢Dunkin'Donuts餐厅使用#BreesCoffeeBreak #Sweepstakes拍照。比赛贯穿4月16日。  




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搜索下一个罗杰斯:圣徒的con [url =]亚瑟·摩押青年泽西[/ url]起草Brees的继任者

安德鲁·布兰特(Michael Brandt)并没有记住他的声音,而是在2005年的第二十八届绿湾包装工中挑选了亚伦·罗杰斯(Aaron Rodgers)之前,他在房间的教练面上感觉到了这种感觉。

“就像,我们真的要把我们的首选,今年不会帮助我们的人,也许不是明年,也许不是一年之后,也许永远不会?“布兰特说,他是包装工副总裁当时,当铁人[url =]迈克·亚当斯青年泽西[/ url]发起人布雷特·法夫雷仍然只有35岁。


这是一个两难的局面,所有有名人堂四分卫的队伍在某些时候都面临着挑战,包括今年新奥尔良圣徒,有38岁的德鲁·布里斯:他们是否在草案中找到了一个有价值的继任者,还是找到一个能够帮助[url =]在他完成之前,明星赢得了另外一个超级碗呢--inman-jersey-c-1_19.html [/ url]


由于大多数分析师在2017年四分卫阶段的分析人数并不高,因此Deshaun Watson,Mitchell Trubisky和Patrick Mahomes II的每一个潜在客户都有问题。

ESPN分析师兼前印第安纳波利斯小姐总经理比尔·波利安(Bill Polian)表示:“我认为所有这些人都可以说的是,他们有机会 - 而不是他们的答案。”当Colts有佩顿时,他面临困境曼宁。


“但是除了Deshaun之外,我会说,[Shawn Hill Womens Jersey] [/ url] [url =]沃森,这些人(今年都没有)是安迪·道尔顿,“波利安说。“由于一些原因,不是能力的,你只是不知道他们是谁...这些家伙都不是Drew Brees出来,我可以告诉你。




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Martavis Bryant conditionally cleared for preseason participation after drug suspension

The Pittsburgh Steelers got a big-time Marcus Sherels Youth Jersey  weapon back into the fold just in time for the NFL draft.

Wide receiver Martavis Bryant has been "conditionally" reinstated to the NFL after serving a season-long suspension, general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement.

The Steelers' release said Bryant may join the team at its training facility and participate in preseason "meetings, conditioning work and similar activities."

Bryant has missed 20 regular-season games in two seasons for multiple substance abuse violations, but in the 21 games he did play, he  proved one of the NFL's most potent deep threats with 15 total touchdowns (one rushing).

Colbert said he appreciates that Bryant has taken necessary steps to get back, but adds: "We also understand that this is just the beginning as he works to return to the team and meet all the conditions of his reinstatement. We look forward to working with Martavis to ensure that he is mentally and physically prepared to contribute to our efforts on the field, while also maintaining proper balance to keep his life in order Tom Jackson Womens Jersey off the field."

One expected stipulation is that Bryant won't be able to practice until he secures a counselor in Pittsburgh, where he'll also undergo frequent drug testing. A source close to Bryant said he earned positive marks in a New York meeting with NFL council and has remained clean while training in Nevada, where he gained about 10 pounds of muscle.

Bryant is not issuing a statement at the moment but is eager to get back to football and showcase his latest speed-and-size ability, the source said.

The Steelers consider Bryant's presence a bonus but know he must regain trust over time. Bryant returned from a four-game suspension to finish 2015 with 50 catches for 765 yards and six touchdowns. But the yearlong suspension surfaced in March, forcing the Steelers to add playmaking depth through free agency with  Darrius Heyward-Bey and tight end Ladarius Green.

The Steelers could still add a playmaking piece in the draft, which begins Thursday.

When in the lineup, Bryant is the Steelers' No. 2 receiver and vertical threat to open up operating lanes for primary option Antonio Brown.

The Steelers reconvene for OTAs in late May, in which Bryant hopes to participate.



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协调员罗伯特·萨利赫(Robert Saleh)早些时候说过:[url =]这个月他的49人防守主题将是极端的身体素质”,这个月的球员 - 查尔斯 - 泽西 - c-2_22.html [/ url] 在训练营的第二天,记者在了他的意思的一瞥。

在自愿会议上没有任何打击或打击的能力,但是49人的维权者也做了一切。这个休赛期的重点之一似乎是对足球的反弹 - 萨利赫一次性海军海鹰是众所周知的 - 星期三的运营商被五六个维权者所聚集,所有这些都是意图试图撬开球。有时候,它看起来像是[url =] Joe Staley Womens Jersey [/ url]   狮子跳跃的骄傲在受伤的水牛。

在那些做群众的人中,中线卫娜·沃罗罗·鲍曼(NaVorro Bowman),自从去年遭受阿喀琉斯的撕裂以来,他的第一次做法并没有受到限制。尽管哈里斯得到了回球,但该组队曾经以一杆跑出杜克·哈里斯的方式击败了球。

防守方面的顶级选秀可能是角卫拉沙德·罗宾逊(Rashard Robinson)在Brian Hoyer的边线传球中的跳跃式拦截,目标是接收Rashad Ross。

与Tramaine Brock不再在球队[url =]维吉尔绿色女子泽西[/ url]和吉米米沃德扮演安全的角色,罗宾逊是今年开始在角卫的先驱。他和Dontae Johnson星期三都在起初的角色。

这是防守的深度深度图。一直在青少狮终点排队的阿里克·阿姆斯特德(Arik Armstead)等等,他们还没有参加球队的比赛,因为他仍然从肩膀手术中恢复过来。Eli Harold [url =] -wilber-jersey-c-2_14.html [/ url]也会在强阵后卫的位置看到混合,但他正在处理脚趾受伤,


NT:Earl Mitchell,Mike Purcell

DT:DeForest Buckner,Quinton Dial,Chris Jones

RDE(Leo):Ronald Blair,Aaron Lynch

SLB:Ahmad Brooks,Dekoda Watson

MLB:NaVorro Bowman,Brock Coyle

WLB:Malcolm Smith,Ray-Ray Armstrong

FS:Jimmie Ward,Vinnie Sunseri

SS:Eric Reid,Jaquiski Tartt





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前田纳西州WR Cordarrelle Patterson是[url =] Jahleel Addae青少年泽西[/ url]试图忍受自己在奥克兰新的粉丝团。闪电般的回归者似乎是一个好的开始。

前第一轮选秀权,谁后的明尼苏达维京人四季加入了奥克兰突袭者队这个休赛期,最近曾担任司仪的攻略2017 UCSF贝尼奥夫儿童医院舞会。从它的外观,所有人都有好时光。

袭击者发布了一个突出的活动视频,其中Patterson与参加者交流,护送他们在[url = 1_19.html] [/ url]红地毯,整体上只是一个美好的时光。一探究竟:


他在2013年和2016年在明尼苏达州赢得了两次Pro Bowl的出场和两项全职荣誉,但是在他四年的职业生涯中,他已经获得了1,316码。

Patterson赢得了所有SEC的荣誉,为2012年的Vols而设计[url =]马克·桑切斯孩子泽西[/ url]他于2016年3月份与联盟的入场平均回报(31.7码)领先了两年,850万美元的自由球员协议。



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在继续他的休赛期之前,杰里克·麦金农(Jerick McKinnon)不得不花费一些时间反思自己的2016赛季而不是那么重视[url = -c-2_32.html] Chaz Green Womens Jersey [/ url]出   了什么问题,但是他可以学到什么。


据“运动图”统计,只有四个跑步跑道超过100个,后场比赛的比例较高。当他在中间跑球时,维京人跑步者绰号喷气被停止了2.6 YPC。

麦金农可能会看到奥克兰和达拉斯跑回来,像一个孩子,像一个孩子,里面有流感,而他的朋友在外面玩耍时也滑过了巨大的洞穴。但是指责队友- 公开或私下- 通常没有按' 做T多好。所以相反,他看着季后赛的调整,导致在过去六场比赛中得到改善,他在场上获得了稳定的4.1 YPC。

我的第一年我更是一个耐心的人,让我的跑步,但是随着大家的进入和退出[在进攻线上],它[url = by-players-otis-sistrunk-jersey-c-2_27.html] [/ url]   让我得到曾经有时候削减一次,麦金农星期五在电话中说。到了季节结束,我更是一个一个人的家伙。在开始的时候,我没' 牛逼做什么不同的,比我前两个赛季。所以在翻页后,在这个休赛期里,我的心态已经恢复了强大,在能够生产的水平上,我能做到最好。


麦金农和彼得森已经形成了债券在过去的三个赛季- 这没有按' 并不总会老化的超级巨星之间的和最新的后起之秀发生,只是问布雷特·法佛和艾伦·罗杰斯。但AP是第1天的麦金农粉丝。

小号相当令人印象深刻,有不是太多人谁打动我这样的,特别是新手进来, ” 彼得森说明星论坛报早在2014年,' s ^已经能够做一些真正的好东西,在进攻拿起它很好,只是他的跑步风格。


他从一开始就带我进入联盟,他教我很多,麦金农说。我认为我的比赛和联赛中的其他一些背后有些不一样,我所做的一切。' 总是件好事,这样在你身边有人支持你,推你,只是让我更好的整体作为一个球员。我可以' 牛逼感谢他就够了。


今后会有奇怪的, ” 他笑着说。

现在即将成立的25岁的球员在后场有一个新的同伴。维京人在本赛季早些时候签署了前攻击拉脱维斯·穆雷(Latavius Murray)的攻略。去年,攻略者将穆雷作为三重奏组的一部分,[url =] http:// www。 [/ url]获得了1,922码,在NFL中排名第六。


签署新合同后,我发短信给他,他似乎是一个很酷的人,所以我刚刚告诉他,我最后只想进来参加比赛,这样他就能很好的和他一起学习他,麦金农说。s ^被任命为一个职业杯,因此他曾多次在联赛中取得成功。' 很期待得到在那里,与他一起工作,对他竞争,了解他是怎么想对某些事情,让他的观点在某些情况下,并运行和剧本,这样的东西。

随着他的合同在这个赛季之后出现,麦肯农需要明确表示,后场组合应该是50-50分或更好的方向。上个赛季,临时(现在全职)进攻协调员帕特·舒尔(Pat Shurmur)使用麦金农(McKinnon)作为传球比赛的一部分需要更长的时间。在最后六个星期,他共接受了43次接待中的31次。而在第三名,他仅仅是对萨姆·布拉德福德的检查,每场接收场均3.8码。

这一次,Shurmur得到实现一个剧本是真完全了。维珍进攻线应在[url =] Navorro Bowman Womens Jersey [/ url]  2017中得到改进通过添加滑手Mike Remmers和Riley Reiff,他们比传球手更好。




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Indianapolis Colts Biggest Defensive Needs Entering Draft

Were hours away from the start of the 2017 NFL Draft.  While the Indianapolis Colts have made some nice roster additions to theirDavid Parry Youth Jersey  defense, there are still plenty of holes to fill.

After focusing on the Indianapolis Colts offensive needs a few days ago, well now now focus on the teams defensive needs:

Interior Defense

Make no mistake about it, the addition of Jonathan Haskins is huge!  As was written a few days ago, Haskins is the best interior defensive lineman the Indianapolis Colts have had since Anthony BoogerMcFarland.  He is a run stopping force the Colts have lacked for years.  Adding Haskins allows David Parry and Al Woods to move to a backup role.

Henry Anderson, when healthy, is a solid defensive end.  He only started 2 games in 2016 and registered just 12 tackles.  In 2015, he registered 31 tackles and a sack while starting 9 games.  Hassan Ridgeway showed that he is a capable  defensive tackle in the NFL; however, he is still young.  T.Y. McGill is the only other defensive tackle listed on the Colts roster.  If the Colts have any injury concerns with Anderson, they may want to target another defensive end in the draft.

At defensive end, the Colts have even less depth.  Kendall Langford is serviceable, but like Henry Anderson, injuries plagued Langford in 2016.  The Colts signed Margus Hunt this offseason, but he is probably a better backup not a starter.  Kristjan Sokoli has played in just 1 game in the NFL.

Outside Linebackers

We hear it all the time from the Indianapolis Colts front office.  They want pass rushers.  While they improved their outside linebacking corp with the addition of John Simon, Jabaal Sheard, and Barkevious Mingo, the Colts would be vastly improved if they drafted a pass rushing OLB in the early rounds of the draft.  Beyond Simon, Sheard and Mingo, the Colts have no other outside linebackers on the roster that started an NFL game last season.

Inside Linebackers

The Colts have a glaring need at inside linebacker.  Im not convinced that Edwin Jackson and Antonio Morrison are the answers.  The Colts added Sean Spence this offseason who will add competition, but is probably not the answer.  The Colts must address this position in the draft.


Vontae Davis had a bad year in 2016.  Pro Football Focus (subscription required) ranked him out at a 47.3 in 2016, the 98th ranked player at the position.  In comparison, he  ranked out at a 94.6 in 2014 and an 82.2 in 2015.  Was it a bad year, or a major sign of decline for the 28 year old?  The only thing more scary than a sizable decline is the fact that right now, Rashaan Melvin is the leading candidate to play opposite Davis.  Melvin looked absolutely lost at times in 2016.  The Colts have other role players, but with the likely move of Darius Butler to safety, the Colts have another glaring need at cornerback.


Clayton Geathers has shown promise at safety in his 2 years with the Indianapolis Colts.  I sound like a broken record, but Geathers just has to stay healthy after missing 7 games last season.  The Colts selected T.J. Green in the second round last April and was pretty raw in his rookie season.  There is still some hope that Green will develop.  In the meantime, Darius Butler will move from cornerback to safety.  The Colts haveKyle Wilson Womens Jersey  some other players who saw action at safety last year and I wouldnt expect safety to be a big focus for the Colts in the draft at least not early on.



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TJ Watt想在NFL写自己的故事

维多利亚州(W)(AP)- 绝对不会,TJ Watt将在获得职业选手时与他的大哥比较。

呃肯定的是,他可以通过一个进攻性的攻击速度,分裂双重队伍,就像另一个前威斯康星州的明星一样,名字相同[url = c-1_38.html]马特·帕拉迪斯女子泽西[/ url]和类似的技能作为一个通过冲击者。



TJ得到了写自己的故事, ” 威斯康星教练保罗·克里斯特当问及家庭关系会如何影响NFL高管表示。它的作用是当你' 重新不确定,(有利于瓦),因为TJ去了解它的方式。



I dont know why it wouldnt or shouldnt influence others,Chryst said about the Watt connections . But again, I think youve got make  sure youre (looking at) two different people.

T.J. Watt embraces any talk of potential similarities.

Yeah, hes one of the best players to ever do it, why not take that comparison?he said at the NFL combine. The No. 1 thing I love about my brothers play is how he does it. Hes 100 percent all out every single play. Hes a game-changer. Thats how I want to be viewed.

He has certainly stood out to NFL executives after getting 63 tackles, including 15 for losses, and 11 sacks in 2016, his only season as a starter. Watt might be a good fit with the 29th overall pick for the Green Bay Packers, who could use a young player in their pass rush.

What makes Watt an even more intriguing pick for Green Bay is that the Packers have a pass-rushing role model with pedigree already on the roster in Clay Matthews.

Pro football is the Matthews family business. Matthewsfather, Clay Jr., played 19 seasons in the NFL with the Browns and Falcons. His grandfather played four seasons as a defensive end with the 49ers.

Not that family ties are a deciding factor for general manager Ted Thompson, who drafted Matthews in 2009.

I think that happens from time to time during the process it might make you feel better,Thompson said last week.

But at the end of the day, we try to see, is  Clay Matthews a good football player and can he help our team, and is he the kind of person wed like to add to our team? I think those are the questions we wind up asking.

Hard work on and off the field appears to be a family trait shared by J.J., T.J. and a third Watt brother, Chargers fullback Derek Watt. He is entering his second season in the NFL.

J.J. and T.J. ended up playing similar positions. But T.J. only started playing defense after moving from tight end after getting hurt early in spring practice two seasons ago. It was then that Chryst, in his first spring as head coach, approached Watt about moving across the line of scrimmage.

That season, Wisconsin had one of the Big Tens best outside linebacker combinations in Vince Biegel and Joe Schobert, who is now with the Cleveland Browns.

Watt picked things up so quickly that the defense was able to use him as a reserve outside linebacker as well as an interior rusher in a nickel package, giving the Badgers another athletic pass rusher.

Its a skill that an NFL team cant overlook, regardless Moritz Boehringer Womens Jersey  of that famous last name.

我认为(杰·瓦特)只是希望他的投篮,我知道一些模拟选秀中有他可能来这里这将是巨大的,如果他件更一半的球员,他的哥哥,但我敢肯定有' 对他的压力,Clay Matthews说。但我敢肯定,如果他就像他的弟弟什么,他会具有可驱动和职业道德T为匹配。



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本周已经在泰迪·布里奇沃特(Teddy Bridgewater)以及他在明尼苏达州的未来发布了几个新闻。那个未来会继续看起来很严峻。

首先,维京人GM Rick Spielman [url =] Jake Long Womens Jersey [/ url]告诉记者,布里奇沃特(Bridgewater)可能在去年8月受伤的膝关节手术修复的膝盖上重新做了足够的足球活动,仍然没有时间表。然后来了一个ESPN报告称,维京人很可能会转嫁拿起布里奇沃特第五岁选项2018,是要不迟于5月2日做出决定,现在有S中的可能性,布里奇沃特能够保持在整个2017赛季,他的新秀合同的最后一年。

The Vikings still have a way to hang on to Bridgewater beyond 2017, even if they dont exercise his option. As NFL Networks Ian Rapoport pointed out, if Bridgewater were to be placed on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list this summer without later being added to the 53-man roster, his contract would be tolled,which  effectively means that the final year of his deal would be frozen and then restarted for 2018.

This is significant for several reasonsand stay with me because it gets a little complicated:

1.执行期权将保证布里奇沃特2018工资只有伤害,在估计为$ 12.198亿成本- 从他的大幅增加(和瓶盖费)17年薪约135万$(带有帽费2179000 $ )。如果不行使期权,维京人将信令有S IN做太多的金融风险。

2.如果是布里奇沃特要放在PUP开始2017年赛季,他' d是有资格开始6周后练习,但不得迟于10周后,如果他再分别以恢复该窗口中的任何一点练习中,维京人将  有三个星期的时间把他加入到53岁的时候-man名册。如果他们选择不把他放在名单,他们' d具有由屈居于IR,从而敲响他的合同到他关了。

3.如果合同被敲响,2018将成为布里奇沃特的第四年的合同,在大约135万$薪水。而且因为他的第五个年头的决定必须现在进行- 在收费前- 2018将随后也布里奇沃特的最后一年,团购。

4.萨姆·布拉德福德,谁是作为维京人在布里奇沃特四分卫小号代替,有一年的时间他的剩余合同。这意味着,维京人在2017年坐在布里奇沃特(Bridgewater),可能会在2018年过渡到他,成本远远低于他们行使选择权并没有收回合同的成本。这当然假设布里奇沃特将准备在' 18 '

5.迈克·弗洛里奥指出了在职业足球交流,维京人可能使2019布里奇沃特' s选项逐年现在拿起他的选项,然后敲响了他。但是:如果他们认为他会留在PUP在2017年,他赢得了T为准备[URL = HTTP:// 2_43.html] [/ url]  到2019年,Florio写道,那将是最不祥的近八个月前关于膝盖受伤的消息。




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丹尼尔猎人去杰克逊维尔美洲虎?2015 NFL Re-Draft

Dante Fowler Jr.仍然发现他的[url =]安东尼·奇奇洛女子泽西[/ url]杰克逊维尔美洲虎做出2015年NFL重新起草,看到贾格斯抓住别人填补通过冲击的空白。

伤害永远不会好 但丁·福勒小姐发现,在他第一次在杰克逊维尔美洲虎的新秀小型赛场上,在他的2015年NFL选秀第三名总决赛之后,他撕裂了他的ACL。

说,ACL撕裂使他回来将是[url =]丹麦Mccullers青少年泽西[/ url]准确。Fowler并没有把这个领域当成一个年轻的恐怖,而是错过了2015年的所有时间,并在2016年慢慢回到了轮回。同伴传球冲击者,新秀Yannick Ngakoue正在推动福勒在带领球队的八个时间(Fowler有四个)。

But in the game of football, production matters most. Fowler has just four sacks to his name two seasons after being drafted. It is far too early to call him a bust. Similarly, it is still too early to tell how his career will shape out, but in the offseason everything is up for exploration. That was the motivation behind Lance Zierleins re-draft of the 2015 NFL Draft. In it, Zierlein gives the Jaguars a pass rusher at third overall and that pass rusher is Danielle Hunter.

猎人,对于那些谁穿上' 牛逼按照明尼苏达维京人,一直是个威胁。在进入第三轮之后,他进入了深度图,在两个赛季累积了18.5个麻袋。他在2016年有12.5袋,领先维京人的防守。

它不是' 牛逼所有关于使四分卫下来,虽然。猎人也对大型戏剧产生了影响。两个笨蛋被强迫,一个失败,一个触地得分使亨特不仅仅是一个伟大的传球冲击者,而是在NFL看电视的年轻防守者之一。


虽然福勒仍然拥有原始的能力[url =]店铺的播放器-史蒂夫-年轻的球衣-C-1_46.html [/ URL]伟大,尖齿肯定不会告发' 吨有志同道合的猎人提供了样生产。这个drat总是有点赌注,后期是20/20。




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Jerry Rice是Jon Gruden制作的Aaron Rodgers的接收者之一

2017年NFL草案是几天之后,[url =] Matt-Kalil Authentic Jersey [/ url] ]这意味着我们得老调重弹约艾伦·罗杰斯故事滑下板草案于2005年,已经再次听到的故事一遍又一遍,但我今天新学到了一些东西。

ESPN组织了罗杰斯入选赛的口述历史,其中一名涉案人士则是前NFL主教练Jon Gruden。当时,Gruden是坦帕湾海盗主教练,他们[url =] http:// [/ url]  在5-11赛季之后举行了第5名。Gruden和Bucs当选为卡内尔凯迪拉克威廉姆斯起草,罗杰斯从那里滑落。


Gruden用Rodgers和Rice拍摄了照片(由于某种原因,Peyton Manning也在那里)。在ESPN的采访中,他开玩笑说:[url =] Steve Atwater Youth Jersey [/ url]仍然有照片挂在Fired足球教练协会的办公室,提醒他为什么被解雇。

这里' S中的图片!




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You have to wonder how much of our money Premier Kathleen Wynne is willing to spend to win re-election next year.

By my calculations, the cost of Wynnes Thursday budget speech to Ontario taxpayers was $9.3 billion, or $422.7 million per pageCarnell Lake Womens Jersey  of Finance Minister Charles Sousas 22-page effort.

Given that, who knows how much it will cost taxpayers next April, considering that will be Wynnes pre-electionbudget, shortly before the June, 2018 vote?

Here are my cost calculations and the reasoning behind them, based on announcements in Wynnes 2017-2018 budget speech:

* $190 million over three years to help create 40,000 new work-related learning opportunities.

* $1.8 billion, the estimated annual government revenue, paid for by Ontarians in the form of higher retail prices on most goods and services, from Wynnes cap and trade carbon pricing scheme.

* $80 million to create the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network.

* $19 million to help our greenhouse farming sector invest in innovative technologies.

* $2.5 billion over three years for Wynnes Fair Hydro Plan, in which shes using taxpayersmoney to subsidize the electricity bills of hydro  ratepayers, despite the fact taxpayers and ratepayers are the same people.

* $20 million for respite care to people who volunteer to care for a loved one.

* $200 million for more daycare.

* $1.6 billion this year (based on $16 billion over 10 years) for new schools.

* $200 million over three years for First Nation, Metis and Inuit ... post secondary education and training.

* $465 million annually for a pharmacare program to provide free prescription drugs to all Ontario children from birth to 24 years of age.

* $150 million over three years for a minimum income pilot project for 4,000 low-income households in Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay.

* $1.3 billion over three years to reduce (medical) wait times.

* $518 million booster shotfor hospitals.

* $85 million over three years for home care.

* $200 million to improve the energy efficiency of our schools.

No doubt some of this spending is worthwhileDwayne Allen Youth Jersey  and, to be fair, some of it overlaps.

For example, the $1.8 billion in annual revenue from cap and trade will presumably help pay for the $200 million spent to improve energy efficiency in schools.

Taxpayers will also receive partial returns from some programs, such as Wynnes Fair Hydro Plan, which lowers electricity rates.

That said, all this assumes all the money to be spent on these programs will go where the Wynne government says it will go, in the amounts and during the time frames specified.

在这个分数上,请记住,自由党Dalton McGuinty政府,Wynne是高级内阁部长,告诉我们,在2011年大选之前,奥克维尔和密西沙加取消了两座有争议的天然气工厂的费用,反对党称之为自由席位节省计划,将在二十年内达到2.3亿美元。


不是说所有其他[URL = HTTP://]自由消费丑闻- eHealth,Ornge,绿色能源,智能电表- 成本飙升超过估计自由消费者- deangelo-williams-jersey-c-2_66.html [/ url]



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