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DeMarcus Ware与Tyrone Crawford和Solomon Thomas合作

在他的退休新闻发布会上,前牛仔防守端DeMarcus Ware暗示说,他想成为指导的一部分[url = .html]凯文格林青年泽西[/ url],帮助后代的防守线人。这没' t拍摄长洁具上手这一点。

周四晚上,Ware推出了他当前的牛仔防守端Tyrone Crawford和前Coppell明星所罗门·托马斯的照片。托马斯上周在旧金山49人的NFL草案中获得第三名。

克劳福德在他完成了他的2016年[url =] Shamar Stephen青年泽西[/ url]有28个滑车和4.5个袋子。达拉斯一直在寻求通行证,克劳福德与其中一名伟人合作,以及密西根防守端塔科·查尔顿(Taco Charlton)的选择,牛仔队的形状可能会很好,到2017年。

托马斯的股票上涨斯坦福大学一队所有的Pac-12的选择,并在太阳碗的主导MVP的表现为他最后的[url =之后的 jones-jersey-c-2_37.html] [/ url]   大学游戏。托马斯是前六名选手(Myles Garrett和Jamal Adams)中选出的三名DFW球员之一,托马斯应该能够立即产生影响。




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McShay 2018模拟草案意味着牛仔的Crawford,Thornton可升级

对于许多人来说,足球真的是一年一度的[url =] Karl Mecklenburg Youth Jersey [/ url] sports 。尽管2017年NFL选秀刚刚结束,很多球探和分析师草案几乎跳水到明年之前,采取任何休息时间的课草案。在ESB草案分析师托德·麦克沙伊(Todd McShay)中,他已经在致力于2018年,他刚刚公布了他的新模拟草案。


McShay似乎认为达拉斯将再次出现在这个网站上,在分区赛中输球的球员中,有最好的纪录,而牛仔队则拿着华盛顿大学防卫大师维塔维亚(Vita Vea)。

VEA是沿着哈士奇首发防线上个赛季,并选择回到学校当第四年小辈。S可能维欧能一直在挑提前一轮选秀这一年,因为他拥有纯净的身高和运动能力的完美交融。达拉斯有很多沿线机构的防线,但DT塞德里克·桑顿本赛季结束后潜在的退出,以及新签DT斯蒂芬·帕亚是上一年的[URL = HTTP://www.officialvikingssale。 COM /店由播放器- stefon -迪格斯-球衣-C-2_43.html] [/ URL ]   交易。' SA机会牛仔可以寻找沿着明年他们的防线新的定位。


泰勒·克劳福德在2015年之前获得了巨大的扩张,似乎已经失去了他的开始工作,到2016年第三轮选秀马利克·柯林斯。桑顿在2016年休赛期了费城的签署,但couldn t代表榜首击败了特雷尔·麦克莱恩。两者都将有机会在2017年证明自己,但如果事情依然存在于目前的轨道上,那么现在拥挤的旅馆就有空间。

达拉斯在Joey Ivie做了一对晚期的DTs [url =] Joe Greene Authentic Jersey [/ URL]和乔丹·卡雷尔,但双方球员面朝开裂牛仔很偶然的机会最后的决赛名单。尽管如此,很多在现在和2018年草案之间发生,并与另一个强的季节,它' 小号plauisble维欧可以在游戏作为未来的目标牛仔草案。



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My Draft Memories: Nat Moore

What stands out to you the most from your draft-day experience?

Nat Moore: I thought I was goingMario Williams Womens Jersey  to be a Cowboy. I was being chaperoned and entertained by a Cowboys scout to make sure I didnt sign with the World Football League before the draft. Ironically, the one team that I didnt talk to the whole time was the team that drafted me, which was the Dolphins in the third round.

How did you celebrate being drafted?

Moore: I was in Gainesville at my apartment. I was still in school. Back in those days you could stay in school and come in and go through the minicamp and then you finished up in June and then you came back in late July. I dont remember doing anything special, other than kicking the guy out from Dallas.

What did you do in preparation to help your draft position as far as special workouts, etc.?

Moore: Nothing. I mean if I could play  football then I could play football. If you didnt look at the tapes and say, Hmm, I think he can play,then I dont know anything else I was going to do because I was doing that against the top competition in the SEC, the University of Miami and Florida State. I dont think I could have shown anything I didnt show already. If I went through college and proved I could play then going to all of these different camps, whats it going to change? Im not a big proponent of that. I think that sometimes because they go and they do that, they go through testing very well at the Combine, guys move up that are not players and then in the end teams get burned by that.

Was there something about your interviews with prospective coaches before the draft that stood out?

Moore: No, not really. I dont even know what a Wonderlic test is. They checked out my health and talked to me about whether Id be a wide receiver or a running back because I had been a running back and basically that was pretty much it.

What was it like to know you were going to be coached by Don Shula?

Moore: It was a dream come true to know that Don Shula was going to be my coach. I was a big Baltimore Colts fan prior to Coach Shula coming to Miami so I had followed his career. Plus, the Dolphins had won the previous two Super Bowls so that added to my excitement.

What advice would you give to this years class of draft choices?

Moore: The first thing is as soon asRob Gronkowski Kids Jersey  you can get that playbook, bury your nose in it. This is what youve worked for your whole life, and the only way you can really compete for a job is youve got to know what to do. Once you know what to do it allows you to turn loose your athletic ability. If you dont youre thinking and if youre thinking the plays over.



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GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Don't take the receiver out of Ty Montgomery when it comes to fantasy rankings.

The Green Bay Packers running back, whoPernell McPhee Youth Jersey  switched positions midway through last season, still ranks relatively high among backs in ESPN's new points-per-reception fantasy rankings.

Montgomery checked in at No. 19 on a list of the top 40 running backs in terms of receptions for fantasy purposes.

即使在上个赛季的职位转换之后,Packers仍然利用了蒙哥马利的接球技巧。事实上,他连续10次传球[url =]在第6周,对于牛仔队98码和第7周对抗熊的66码的比赛 - 成为第三名的第 - 球员历史上记录了具有10个或更多抓牌的背靠背游戏。


包装工教练迈克·麦卡锡(Mike McCarthy)在草案第三天之后说,当球队选出三个跑步时(BYU的Jamaal Williams在[url = c-2_104.html]第四轮,UTEP的Aaron Jones在第五名和犹他州的Devante Mays在第七名,将会是蒙哥马利的首发跑步。



ESPN 的整体幻想排名即将推出,但就目前而言,明智的做法是保持对蒙哥马利的眼睛,他的接收能力以及他冲过来。

包装工四分卫亚伦·罗杰斯(Aaron Rodgers)领导了[url =]在PPR排名中,Jordy Nelson排名第五,而Davante Adams(第26名)和Randall Cobb(第38名)排名第五。Martellus Bennett排名第11位。



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我们回忆起你最喜欢的当前和前迈阿密海豚,他们的选秀日。我们赶上角卫Byron [url =] http :// [/ url]麦克斯韦在第六轮选中2011年NFL草案由西雅图海鹰。


拜伦麦克斯韦:我很冷。为了帮助我脱口而出,我去看电影。我认为这是那些一个速度与激情电影。我可以' 不记得哪一个。当我在电影院时,我打电话。其实我当天有两个电话,一个来自杰克逊维尔。但是我得到的是西雅图海鹰,他们在第六轮起草了我。我在电影院里 这是疯了

如何描述坐的经验[url =] by-players-stephen-hill-jersey-c-9_86.html [/ url]通过草稿等待你的名字叫?

Maxwell: I wasnt one of those guys that was all nerve-racked because I knew I was going to get my shot at the league and thats all I was asking for at that point in time. I didnt really start at Clemson, but for me I just wanted to get in and have a shot. If the team was going to draft me or not, I knew Id have a shot, so I wasnt really that nervous.

How did you celebrate getting drafted?

Maxwell: I didnt really want to do anything. I think my people, they put together a little get-together just off of me getting drafted that day. Really, I just relaxed and took it all in. Man, Im going to be going on the other side of Cameron Fleming Jersey the United States. Im going to be going to Seattle.Id never really been out of the South, really.

How intense were the days and weeks before the draft?

Maxwell: Not intense for me. Just getting ready, doing these workouts. Like I said, I already knew I was going to get an opportunity to be in the NFL. It was just a matter of what club, right fit. I knew I was ready, though. But lucky I got drafted and ended up in a great place that helped mold my career.

How did you handle those next couple of weeks after the draft?

Maxwell: It was great because some of these guys that didnt get drafted, they didnt know where they were going because we had that lockout that year. So it was good to know that not only you know where youre going but youNick Boyle Youth Jersey  know I got a check coming in.

What advice would you have for this years prospects?

麦克斯韦:“一次只要一天。你可以期待的事情,但不要' T为在一件事情上设置。要知道,这期不同的东西,你不知道什么原因,他们起草了你或他们' 重新起草的家伙。所以不要' 牛逼窥视草稿,只需看看得到一个机会,在一个新的水平打球。


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这里' S对于4月27日值得注意的法案新闻

1 - 瑟曼宣布第二轮选票

它赢得' 吨在第一时间和它的[url = HTTP://] /shop-by-players-andre-branch-jersey-c-1_3.html[/url]可能赢得是最后一次。在NFL选秀的第二天,名人堂成员瑟曼·托马斯的票据霍尔将宣布布法罗' s的第二轮选择。

会员名人堂吉姆凯利,布鲁斯·史密斯和安德烈·里德都曾经宣布了条例草案的选择。名人堂Phil Hansen也宣布了一个票据选择。


Another former Bills player will also be announcing the teams third-round selection. Former safety Bryan Scott will step to the lectern to reveal Buffalos third-round pick Friday night.

2 - Bills, Vikes face similar 5th year option decision

Based on the progress and playmaking ability of 2014 first-round picks Sammy Watkinsand Teddy Bridgewater in their first couple of NFL seasons, the thought of the Bills and Vikings picking up both playersfifth-year options seemed like a no-brainer. Then both players sustained long-term injuries that either compromised or wiped out their 2016 seasons completely. Its made the decision that much more challenging for the Bills and Vikings.

沃特金斯在2016年的赛季之前,已经有了一对手脚受伤的琼斯骨折手术。' s ^预计要准备好票据训练营。



这可以是任何伤害,包括[url =]罗纳德·达比青年泽西[/ url]他的一个目前在试着从返回。即使是他的脚受伤的再次发生也将受到伤害保障的覆盖。

保证接受职位的前十名工资将在1300万美元以北。s ^理解,为什么说不是一个简单的通话,使明知沃特金斯错过了八场比赛,上赛季和WASN 在八中他确实玩5百分之百。


我们' 就会知道很快的方向票据,可选择采取


3 - 佛罗里达州任何人?

NFL.com最近汇集了一篇关于NFL侦察部门为获得大学前景信息工作的后台渠道的故事。他们的信息' 重新寻求的是这些球员都知道他们可以收集他们需要他的足球运动能力自己通过观看录像带的所有信息类型的人。


这是什么提供的是一种信任的补充措施,以从该特定学校采取的球员,如果他们' 重新得到他们感受到什么是可靠的信息。

在组合这样的偏好 [url =] Preston Brown女子泽西[/ url]发现,自从2007年,法案起草了佛罗里达州任何一所学校中最多的学员,共七人。什么' 手机可能更引人注目的是,总有仅在过去五年草案类累积。




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Top 6 from Facebook Live with G Richie Incognito

Bills G Richie Incognito recently took part in a live chat on Buffalo's Facebook page. Find out what we learned.

Bills guard Richie Incognito recently held a live chat on the team's Facebook page, and heres some of what we learned:

1. He and Eric Wood are still BFF's

Richies close relationship with Center Eric Wood is nothing new to Bills fans. You may have seen the epic hype video they collaborated on when UFC came to Buffalo earlier this month:

One of the more contentious on-screen moments came when Eric insulted Richies flexibility.

When you get in an argument with your best friend, you know where the jugular is, you know where the soft points are.Richie explained. So I went right for the jugular. I went right for the curly hair, and he made a comment, you  know, I cant touch my toes, and that deeply offends me, because Im a pretty flexible dude.”  

 Even though he was highly offended by Erics comments, Richie was still able to enjoy himself at UFC event at KeyBank Center with Wood and some of their other Bills teammates on April 8th.

We loved it,Richie said.  To be involved in something like UFC in the city of Buffalo is really great. Its great exposure for them, its great exposure for the city of Buffalo. It was a really cool deal that we got to be a part of.”  

 2. He truly values his flexibility

To prove his best friend wrong, Richie demonstrated on Facebook that he can bend down and not only touch his toes while keeping his legs straight, but also place his entire palms flat on the turf. (watch around the 6:50 mark to see for yourself) He credits his high school football coach, who was also the schools track coach, for inspiring his passion for staying flexible.    

Its cool to be flexible. Its good for you.Richie says. I tell young guys in the locker room, if you want to be flexible, if you want to be more explosive, stretch before bed. Stretch when you wake up. Stretch all the time.

 3. He can eat 30-40 wings in one sitting and bench press 500 pounds

While these facts are likely unrelated, they are equally impressive. Richie recently estimated that he can eat 3-4 dozen wings in a sitting, as longMike Pouncey Womens Jersey  as they are coated in a medium sauce. Not too spicy,he says. As for the bench press, Richie remembers his personal 500-pound record fondly. I did it a couple years ago, in Saint Louis, and that was my heaviest ever.

4. He likes EDM...and anything with a good jam

Wondering whats on Richies iTunes? I like EDM, alternative rockKings of Leon is one of my favorite bands, Tiesto. If its got a good jam, and carries a good tune I like it.And although Richie says his offseason was boring,he did make it to a Blink 182 concert.

5. He would love to play defense

Richie played on both sides of the ball in high school, but ultimately decided he liked being the guy who blocks people rather than the one avoiding blocks. But ask him now, and he sounds open and interested to trying it again.

I play offense with a defensive mentality,Richie said. Its a different world, obviously. Theres a lot of preparation that goes into it, so its tough to go both ways. But Id love to do it.

 6. He considers becoming a Bill in 2015 the best moment of his career so far

 Richie is still motived by the warm Matthew Slater Authentic Jersey welcome he received from Bills ownership and management when he arrived in Buffalo for the 2015 season.

From that point forward, Ive just been trying to repay them with hard work and effort. Its one of those things where I am just thankful every day to be part of this organization and to be back playing football.



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Lorenzo Alexander: Jerry Hughes in for double-digit sacks, not 'worrying about pass coverage'

Two seasons and 20 sacks after the Buffalo Bills traded linebacker Kelvin Sheppard to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for defensive end Jerry Hughes, it seemed nothing short of a highway robbery in favor of Buffalo. Under defensive coordinators Mike Pettine and Jim Schwartz, Hughes thrived as a pass rusher, often aligning wide of the tight end, where hed utilize his ridiculous burst, speed and power to terrorize opposing offensive linemen.

But, when Rex Ryan was hired as the teams head coach, the Bills transitioned to a 3-4 defense that asked Hughes to play a variety of  roles, from a five-technique interior alignment all the way to his natural nine-technique alignment while often dropping into coverage as well. Hughes made best of the situation but it seemed like the 28-year old simply was out of position on too many occasions and his best attributes being put to waste. In his two seasons under Ryan, Hughes notched just 11 total sacks and looked out of place.

Ryan was fired shortly before the season ended and Buffalos new head coach Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator will be bringing back a more traditional 4-3 defensive front, which is a more natural scheme for just about every player on the Billsdefensive line.

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander joined Dont'a Hightower Womens Jersey the Bills Wire podcast to talk about the new defensive scheme and was emphatic in his belief that not only Hughes but second-year defensive end Shaq Lawson, the teams first-round draft pick in 2016, would both benefit greatly from the scheme change.


尽管已经仅打了一个赛季作为他的队友,亚历山大深知他小号看过他的发挥下从印第安纳波利斯贸易电影的能力。他明确表示,在新的防守,休斯没有按吨有担心多方面的责任,若无其事地说他s ^作好了[URL = HTTP:// -wagner-jersey-c-2_32.html] Ricky Wagner Kids Jersey [/ url]  反弹一年,双位数的麻袋。

我知道跟杰里现在用自己的手打在了泥土,他去给有大的季节。两位数的麻袋赛季,因为他只是没有按' 吨有担心站起来,担心通覆盖面。他可以专注于他s的伟大,那S对于沙克一样好。



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模拟人生(胸部)将有竞争[url =]最低价格-Adrian-wilson-24-jersey-cheap.html [/ url]为了从2017年第五轮选秀杰里米·麦克尼科尔斯(Jeremy McNichols)的传球角色,他在大学职业生涯中踢了103场接力,共有103场,达11场达阵史密斯队的官方网站报道。

模拟人生主要通过空中切割了自己的NFL牙齿,在前三个赛季,他们共编辑了94场比赛,共有31场比赛。然而,McNichols带来了[url =] -aq-shipley-jersey-c-1_2.html [/ url]几乎相同的传奇敏锐,同时还提供比Sims作为跑步者更令人印象深刻的记录。主教练德克·科特特(Dirk Koetter)强调,他认为麦克尼科尔斯(McNichols)是大学生职业生涯的接班人,他是一名“三分一命”的球员,也是后场的平均水平。虽然模拟人生在他任职期间已经被证明对Bucs有价值,但他也在三场运动中错过了17场比赛,造成了各种各样的伤害,并且在地面比赛中有局限性。



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对于CB Ronald Darby的票据,现在是时候发光了

进入2015年NFL草案,布法罗在星期四晚上不在场。这一切都是经过批评的一年前为Sammy Watkins换取的举动带给你的,扣除了2015年第一轮的票据。

在奇怪的宽限期之后,没有[url =]通过播放器- barkevious -明戈汗布-C-2_8.html [/ URL]在第一轮,这hadn采摘' 牛逼从2005年开始出现在布法罗,选择的票据佛罗里达州的角卫罗纳德·达秘与51号整体挑。




进入2015年的季节,达比看起来准备取代莱迪斯·麦克文,并与史蒂芬·吉尔摩(Stephon Gilmore)一起开始。

条例草案再次出现了。他们在防守的双方都有出色的角卫,雷克斯·雷恩(Rex Ryan)的一名新的,喧闹的主教练,以及从野外向客厅发出的共鸣,导致布法罗为季票创下新纪录。

这WASN ' 牛逼看作是因为道格·马罗内的间隙或重建一年跳槽和游泳杰克逊维尔,但更多的是振兴[URL = HTTP://球衣c-2_28.html] [/ url]期间,雷克斯·雷恩带领了新的希望。

美很快他的方式进入首发阵容几周到季节和没' 牛逼回头。


即使有强大的防守新秀课程,达比在全国也注意到了。他正在与头号队长马库斯·彼得斯(Marcus Peters)一起前往防守新秀。

虽然美没' 无法收到由AP或其他主要网点的荣誉,他却被职业足球焦点的统计,运算,分析为基础的人民命名为。

' 出去了的帆

对美两个赛季WASN ' 牛逼不尽相同。



斯蒂丰·吉尔莫尔,水牛' 顶级的角,被视为在队友狂吠不止,有人看到他做通偏转或拦截。




Stephon Gilmore离开了新英格兰的条例草案。亚伦·威廉姆斯被释放。

DJ Swearinger Authentic Jersey [/ url]正在重新洗牌,曾经有希望的防守[url =]再次,新政权将再次开始处理。


在2017年NFL草案中,条例草案期待充分填补Stephon Gilmore在左边的第二名。


进入2017年的季节,条例草案看起来有点振兴。与雷克斯·雷恩(Rex Ryan)的聘用相似,但是在具体的基础建设方式上并不一样。


该票据收购了莱斯利·弗雷泽(Leslie Frazier)来防守。他最近是巴尔的摩的二级教练,希望与新鲜的二级球员一起好起来。

Frazier and McDermott will together provide a defensive plan which doesnt cause mass confusion like his predecessor, but rather keeps things simple. Itll be a shift in philosophy Darby hasnt seen yet in Buffalo.

With White coming in and time and patience running out in Western New York, the time has come for Ronald Darby to step up.

Its time to step up and show that he is better than how looked last year. Its time to show that he is the player Doug Whaley saw as the best available.

In a secondary, so new and fresh, Darby has the opportunity to show his leadership ability right away and lead them forward.

吉尔摩WASN 牛逼那里当你需要[URL = HTTP://]科里·雷迪丁青年新泽西[/ URL]他和大多数决定跳过镇。s ^现在美小号机会逆势而拥抱一个愿景由肖恩·麦狄蒙实现引领整个票据回到季后赛的理念。

归结于他是否想要这个角色,还是想放弃放弃。选择是他,我希望他会做S ^需要赢得,现在赢。





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Falcons sign rookies Harlow, Kazee


The Falcons signed rookie draft choices Sean Harlow and Damontee Kazee on Tuesday

Harlow, who is expected to compete for the starting right guard spot, was drafted in the fourth round. Kazeee, who the Falcons said would play nickel cornerback and safety, was a fifth-round pick.

Both will be on hand for the teamsrookie minicamp that runs Friday through Sunday.

Harlow, who played at Oregon State, started 37 career games, including 23 at left tackle and 14 at right tackle.

Kazee, who played at San Diego State, holds the  school record for most interceptions with 17 and was named the Mountain West defensive player of the year for the past two seasons.

FOURTH ROUND (136rd overall) SEAN HARLOW, OG, OREGON STATE HEIGHT: 6-foot-4 WEIGHT: 305 pounds ARM LENGTH: 32 inches HAND SIZE: 9 1/2 inches 40-YARD DASH: 5.15 seconds BENCH PRESS: 26 reps of 225 pounds VERTICALJUMP: 30 1/2 nches BROAD JUMP: 8 feet, 9 inches THREE-CONE DRILL: 8.16 seconds OVERVIEW: The San Clemente, Calif., native started 37 games for the Beavers, including 23 at left tackle and 14 at right tackle. He will be asked to play guard for the Falcons. He knows Falcons running back Terron Ward from his days at Oregon State and Falcons tight end Austin Hooper. HisSpencer Paysinger Youth Jersey  father, Pat Harlow, was the 11th pick in the 1991 draft and played for the Patriots and the Raiders from 1991-98. Hes a relentless hustle player who needs to refine his techniques for his move to guard. He graduated with a degree in human development and family sciences in December. He was a team captain. He helped the Beavers set a single-season rushing record with 5.2 yards per carry. He was named to the Pac-12 All-Conference second team.

FIFTH ROUND (149th overall) DAMONTAE KAZEE, CB/FS, SAN DIEGO STATE HEIGHT: 5-foot-10 WEIGHT: 184pounds ARM LENGTH: 30 7/8 inches HAND SIZE: 8 5/8 inches 40-YARD DASH: 4.54.15 seconds BENCH PRESS: 11 reps of 225 pounds VERTICALJUMP: 34 inches BROAD JUMP: 10 feet, 4 inches THREE-CONE DRILL: 7.11 seconds OVERVIEW: The Falcons told him he would play some nickel back and safety in the defense. He redshirted and was a reserve in 2013. He made 13 starts in 2014 and led the team with 14 passes defended, adding 58 tackles and one interception to earn second-team All-Mountain West Conference honors. He was named an All-American and Mountain West defensive Letroy Guion Youth Jersey player of the year in 2015, with a team-best 15 passes defended and eight interceptions. Kazee returned for his senior season and again earned All-American status and won the conference defensive player-of-the-year honors with 65 tackles, 15 passes defended and seven interceptions. His brother, Walter, was a running back at San Diego State (2009-12).


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海豚的赌场是Kiko Alonso的赌场。

古巴哥伦比亚遗产的后卫以西班牙文深深地回答了他对迈阿密市和球队的喜好问题,他说:[url =他/他感到完全在家里,拉丁裔球迷的大队友和他的队友:

“我siento en casa,con todos losfanáticosLatinos y con todos miscompañerosen el equipo”。






阿隆索说:“打出季后赛并不容易,特别是从1-4开始。” “很多球队都可以邮寄,但是我们挖得很深,绝对是一个伟大的成就。”


阿隆索回忆说:“在汽车上,或在房子里,他们会说,”好的,我们只说西班牙语。“ “否则,我不认为我能像今天这样说话,显然我说的越多,我得到的就越好。

Arun Sharma,副院长兼市场营销教授[url =] http:// www。迈阿密工商管理学院的 [/url]将阿隆索的语言技能视为他的财产。


阿隆索将有机会在休赛期更为西班牙人练习,对他尤其重要 - 4月下旬他正在与波多黎各美式橄榄球学院进行协调。

"Puerto Rico has historically had a Pee-Wee and high school league," said Frank Lopez, PRAFA vice president, noting most people aren't aware of the island's talent in American football. "We're trying to let people know and bring more opportunities to these kids. Our main goal is to be able to help kids get scholarships and opportunities in the United States through the sport of football."

Over 300 participants ranging from age 8 to 16 are already registered for Alonso's camp, as well as a number of coaches.

"We're going to have all the leagueArthur Jones Womens Jersey  coaches participate, so that they learn the drills," Lopez said.

"To be able to do that makes me very happy," Alonso said, gratified that nine of his Dolphins teammates agreed to participate as soon as he asked for their assistance with the camp.

"I didn't have to say anything other than, 'Hey, I'm having a camp in Puerto Rico' and they said, 'Say no more.' "

Alonso is taking more than his Spanish skills and famous NFL friends to the event.

"We're bringing a lot of equipment that is not available [in Puerto Rico] and we're going to be donating it to the different clubs in Puerto Rico so they can start improving their training techniques and we can develop better athletes," Lopez said, mentioning specifically the island is getting its first NFL five-man tackling sled.

"In the long run, we want to set up a football training facility," Alonso said.

Other future plans include working out a visit to Cuba with his parents, trying to convince more of his teammates to embrace Puerto Rican reggaeton music and getting the Dolphins further into the playoffs. One possibility Alonso's not concerned about is a likely position switch on the field this upcoming season.

"Linebacker, inside or out, at the end of the day, it's the same thing," Alonso said. "It's run around and hit people. They put me outside, it's fine."

It's easier to accept changes when one feels positive about a situation.

"There is high correlation between quality of life and happiness of workers," Sharma said.

The contentment Alonso now feels comes partly because he finally has had a chance to show his true talent in Miami.

“过去两年,我正在处理一些[url =] Reshad Jones Youth Jersey [/ url]伤“阿隆索说。“去那里玩几乎每场比赛感觉很好,感觉我的身体有100%。”

回到波多黎各,在迈阿密享受生活 - 与海豚签订延期合同,正如阿隆索所说:“完美契合”。



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马拉松:Nike et Kipchoge,倒入砂锅拉斯维加斯2号

Undéfitechnologique mais aussi une grosseopérationmarketing:leKényanEliud Kipchoge tente samedi sur l'autodrome de Monza de briser labarrièremythique des deux heures sur le marathon(42,195 km),un projetlancépar [url = http:// www耐克公司( [/ url]耐克公司的运行中,moneayer saréussiteéventuellesur le florissantmarchédu running。

Le choix de Monza n'est pas阳in tant。。àààààààààààà。。。。。。。。。。L'équipementieraméricaina mis le paquet pour gagner son pari en选择trois coureurs detrèshaut niveau quis'élancerontàpartir de 5h45 du matin。

Kipchoge,冠军奥林匹克马拉松à里约热内卢,ÉthiopienLelisa Desisa,副主席2013年,et par l?ÉrythréenZernesay Tadese,3e du 10.000 m des JO-2004 et 2e des Mondiaux-2009 sur lamême距离,trois ambassadeurstransformésen +加加林+ du bitume。

总统测试一个eu代理7马尔斯à蒙扎苏黎世半马拉松和Kipchoge s'estacquittéde latâcheen 59分钟17秒钟,计时器de bon augure。Le [url =] [/ url] record du monde,établipar leKényanDennis Kimetto le 28 septembre 2014àBerlin,est actuellement de 2 heures 02分57秒。

Les trois + cobayes + seront surtoutaidéspar des innovations technologiques,不可缺少的倾向。推荐cénopération,耐克ainiréunides专家en生物化学,设计,ingénierie,发展desmatériaux和营养。

Tout开始par la chaussure,la“Zoom Elite”,dessinéepourpénétrerl'air。Une plaque en carboneglisséedans la semelle faitéconomiserde l'énergieàl'athlèteet,de plus,en restitue dans la phase de propulsion。

- Arrières-pensées商业广告 -

Le maillot et le shortcaleçonontétéconçuségalementavec le souci majeur de l'écoulementde l'air。Le marathonien bionique est ainsiné,équipéen outre de deux plaques sur les mollets qui fonctionnent comme des ailerons。

Autres avantageàla disposition des coureurs:un camion leur servira d'aspiration et deslièvresfrais serontlancésen cours de tentative。L'aspect humain n'a pasétéoubliéavec des physiologistes et psychologues。

Par ailleurs,le jour et lecréneauhoraire dudépartontétédécidésen fonction desprévisionsmétéo(températureetwetitéde l'air,force du vent)。国际民航组织(IAAF)同志不可能的记录。

Si Kipchogeévoqueson souci de“chasser la conception”[url =] Nike Air Max Pas Cher Pour Femme [/ url] de limites pour l'homme“,le but de Nike,leader mondial de la paussure de sport maisdistancé,notamment par le Japonais Asics,sur lecréneaudu running,n'est pasdénuéd'arrières-penséescommerciales。

L'engouement pour les courses sur route est en effet devenu unvéritablephénomènedesociété。德国人民解放军总领事馆和国际法委员会会议组织人事部长会议组织àààule。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

“Labarrièredes deux heures pour le marathon est l'une des rares qui,si elle est franchie,peut transformer ce sports。Laquantitédedonnéeset d'informations que nous avons pu recueillir et l'expérienceacquise serviront de fondement pendant des耐克公司最新发现和发明,最终颁布者de meilleurs产品et services aux sportifs de tous niveaux“,n'hésitepasàdéclarerSandy Bodecker,Nikechargeédes projetsspéciaux副总裁。



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SideTrack:Rob Gronkowski,John Cena,Bill Belichick等等...

GRONKWOODS:Crashlete Rob Gronkowski回到了他的疯狂房间,Foxwoods度假赌场。新英格兰爱国者紧紧结束[url =]  在大卫·伯克(David Burke Prime 打了一个T形骨头,并与他的船员一起喝了一杯浓咖喱。也许是因为牛排说话,但Gronk决定做一些现场购物(母亲节是星期天,毕竟)。他拿起了一些袜子和凉鞋低音(请告诉我们,你赢了' 不要穿在一起)和克里格从[URL = HTTP://球衣-C-1_42.html] HTTP:// WWW。  正品包装商品/商店 - 玩具 - 89-jared-cook-jersey-c-1_42.html [/ url] 厨房系列。我们希望在那个炎热的日子。

我们是你:凯尔特人昨晚在奇才队上场,在TD花园的人群中发现了熟悉的面孔。爱国者包括:罗伯特·卡夫,比尔·比利奇克,LeGarrette Blount,Patrick Chung,Julian Edelman,Dion Lewis,James White,Stephon Gilmore,Duron Harmon,Shaq Mason,Eric Rowe和Vince Valentine都在那里。Pablo Sandoval也在比赛中作为独立的红袜队代表,而演员凯文·查普曼[url =]狄翁Sims Womens Jersey [/ url]和漫画Lenny Clarke代表thespians在那里。

HALF A BUBBLE OFF PLUM:时尚doyenne梅花Sykes昨天在纽伯里街上涨。英国出生的记者和纽约社交名媛,谁在做她的标记20世纪90年代作为Vogue杂志特约编辑,出现在巴宝莉的背湾店为庆祝推出她最新出版的,党的女孩死在珍珠。以前,这位老板的女士写道:Debutante Divorcee Bergdorf Blondes“。这个游戏是强大的。

LET ' 小号GET砂砾:WWE明星和西纽伯里本地约翰·塞纳将回到电视屏幕上这个夏天,他主持的第二季美国砂砾。这次,福克斯秀将以当地的一名选手汉娜·布特拉(Hannah Butera)为名,纽约伯里波特的一名23岁的家庭主妇。Butera将加入其他16个竞争对手,Cena和[url =] Marcus Cannon Jersey [/ url]  一组导师在汉普顿岛Ga。的营地Grit干部参赛者将采取军事风格的挑战,使他们的磨砂回来- 哦,有可能赢得25万美元。这一切都是在6月11日开始的。




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Nike Sportswear has debuted the Nike LunarCharge Breathe Triple Red and Triple White colorways for Spring 2017. The shoe combines come of Nikes most popular styles that includes the iconic Air Flow, Air Current, Air Presto, Air Max 90 and Lunar Epic  silhouettes.

Both pairs come constructed with a mesh upper for breathability, stretch inner sleeve, dual-density Lunarlon foam sole, laser-cut outsoles and pull tabs on the heel. 3M Reflective Swoosh heels completes the look.

You can now find the Nike LunarCharge Breathe Nike Air Max 2015 Men Cheap  in Triple Redand Triple Whitein womens sizing directly on The retail price tag is set at $110 USD.


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