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Maintaining muscle mass during fasting? Easy, do the right fast so that your muscle mass does not become weak. Here are the tips.

When you are fasting is certain your daily life patterns change, starting from your schedule of practice, your diet will all change because it follows with the schedule of fasting that you are running.

If you perform fasting properly it will have a good effect on your body. Why? Because when you feel hungry, your body starts burning fat so your body produces energy. This can help you to lose weight. Conversely, when you are fasting excessively, does not meet the needs of your body at dawn, such as eating indiscriminately at dawn or even skip the meal then your body will take muscle protein for energy energy so that muscle mass will decrease. The decreased muscle mass is definitely your body fat mass will rise. This will have an adverse effect on your body.
How to keep your muscle mass to stay awake? Here are the tips.

1. eat with protein and fiber menu.

Passing the meal will make your body take advantage of the last meal you eat when breaking down as a source of nutrients and energy for your body to break the fast. As a result, you will become dehydrated and tired easily throughout the day. Consumption of foods containing high protein, such as eggs, fish, and nuts. Protein is useful for you to feel full longer than the consumption of carbohydrates. In addition to protein, eat a lot of fiber. In addition to a glut, fiber also serves to prevent the tendency to eat fatty foods and high calorie when breaking the fast later.

2. Avoid breaking the fast in excess.

Remember, the essence of fasting is eating enough food and also full of nutrients, not gobbling up all that is in front of you. Limit the consumption of banana compote that is rich in coconut milk,  , and other appetizers in the normal stage. Try to focus on restoring lost fluids in the body and eating moderately.

3. Keep the body well hydrated.

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Restore body fluids during breaking with drinking water regularly, do not simultaneously many at once because you will have trouble drinking about 1.5 liters of water at once when breaking the fast. A better option is to drink coconut water. Coconut water gives your body a natural electrolyte, vitamins, and nutrients.

4. Reduce carbohydrate intake

Dr. Razeen Mahroof, an anesthesiologist from the University of Oxford says that the way you choose and the portion of food when fasting is approximately the same daily portion. "You have to balance your food intake, with the proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that are right for your body," he says.
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